Scientists the Coronavirus can survive in heat up to 60 degrees Celsius

Scientists have tried to find out whether the coronavirus is killed when heated to 60 degrees Celsius. This experiment is very important, because a standard Protocol of decontamination of the virus used in most laboratories, which explore tests of the patients, involves heating it to this temperature for one hour.

the Experiment, conducted by French scientists from the research of University of AIX-Marseille in Provence, has shown that the coronavirus can survive in heat up to 60 degrees. The report was published on the science portal bioRxiv. However, it should be noted that this publication is given in the form of a Preprint, that is, before the opinions of other experts in this field.

For the experiment, scientists used a strain of coronavirus, obtained from a patient in Berlin. The virus was subjected to slow heating for an hour, and then placed in two test tubes – one with a clean environment, and the other present proteins of animal origin, simulating a real, but not sterile conditions. In a clean environment, the viruses died, but the “dirty” some instances of the coronavirus was capable of reproduction and in sufficient number to infect humans. To completely kill coronaviruses, scientists had for 15 minutes to heat up to 92 degrees Celsius.

Given the number of tests for the coronavirus worldwide and launched in a short time, testing for antibodies to it, scientists recommend to pay more attention to Biosafety in the analysis of the tests. For example, to combine the heating of the biomaterial with chemical sterilization.