The feeling that arises with the appearance of “goose skin”, is usually described with the phrase “goose bumps”. In animals with fur, such a reaction can serve a useful function — for example, to protect from the cold. But why does she have with men? It seems that scientists have found benefit from the tingling on the skin.

Researchers from Harvard University found that the cell types responsible for “goosebumps”, it is also important for the regulation of stem cells that regenerate hair follicles. Subcutaneous muscles that are shortened when the creeps also serve for the connection of the sympathetic nerve with stem cells of hair follicles. Sympathetic nerve reacts to cold and stimulates the activation of stem cells. That is promotes hair growth in the long term.

In the future, scientists intend to better understand how the external environment can affect stem cells.

Sympathetic nerve (green) releases neurotransmitters that target the stem cells of hair follicles (blue) Shwartz, Gonzalez-Celeiro, Chen, et al./ Cell