Scientists have found a way to extend the life of solar panels

a Fundamentally new approach to the work of photovoltaic solar cells offers researchers from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great (Spbpu). Their invention will significantly extend the life of solar panels without changing the elements.

As the press service of SPbSPU, in the operation of solar panels professionals face a number of objective difficulties. In particular, the elements are subjected to temperature fluctuations, precipitation, they dust settles. In addition, depending on the location of the panels is often in the shadows. All of these it affects the efficiency of solar panels and their life.

Before the panel, the capacity of which fell heaviest, just replaced. But this greatly increases the cost of energy. The basis for the development of scientists in St. Petersburg lies another principle.

the Polytechnic Research group is developing technology that would allow solar plants to generate the highest possible power regardless of how characteristics of different panels or different illumination.

the Proposed researcher Spbpu a new approach to the summation of power from the panels due to the rearrangement leads to a substantial increase in the efficiency of the design. Thus, the energy savings increases by more than five percent, and the maximum power output is increased to 99.89 per cent. The study is published in the journal “Energy”.