Dozens of conferences, seminars and workshops held remotely for capital’s schoolchildren this summer. To lead them will be scientists, teachers of Moscow universities and schools.

Until 11 June at the Moscow Polytechnic Institute continuing modern scientific and technical topics. The participants of practical sessions will be an opportunity to profile competitions and Olympiads.

Learn the basics of professional programming language students will be able 10 Jun at 14:00, taking part in the master class.

11 June at 17:00 there will be an online workshop. Teachers Moscow motor-road University will tell you how to define the density, kinematic viscosity and fractional composition of fuel. Participants will need to independently take readings from the instruments, to fill in the test report and make a conclusion about the quality of diesel fuel.

the Online workshop, organized by the National research nuclear University “MEPhI”, to help find out how the artificial intelligence in image processing of blood products. The meeting will start on 9 June at 14:00.

June 15, at 10:00 will start a few classes. Also, students will get acquainted with a non-invasive method of determining the degree of blood oxygen saturation.

the Remote seminar . will help to learn a lot about how to use the physical hardware in biological research. The seminar will take place on June 15 at 10:00.

At the same time start two more sessions: where participants will find out what is diffraction and how to explore the red blood cells.

on 15 June will start the summer training for students of the 10th grade in the following areas: “Laser and plasma technologies”, “Nanotechnologies and electronics”, “Economic safety”, “biomedical Sciences”, “computer science and security,” International relations, “Nuclear physics and technologies”, “Robotics”. Their staff will conduct the National research nuclear University “MEPhI”.

All events are held remotely. Pre-registration is required.