American science fiction writer Philip K. dick was a very prolific author. His legacy was about forty novels and a hundred short stories, he received the prestigious award and was one of the main influencers of American fiction of the second half of the twentieth century. Dick died in March 1982, four months before the release of Ridley Scott’s “blade Runner” – the first film adaptation of his work, and did not know that the film adaptation of his stories will be almost a separate genre in kinofantastike. The fact that most of these films were loosely based on a (often very remote) of novels and short stories by dick. The same Scott and the writers of “blade Runner” left from the book “do androids Dream elektroauto?” is actually just a basic idea about the future, in which mankind will have to deal with they created quasimonotone. About as well received and directed by Paul Verhoeven in the sci-Fi Thriller “total Recall.”Distant future, 2084 year. Douglas Quaid works a normal Builder, but constantly dreams of flying to a vacation to Mars. It’s possible, but for the Quaid’s expensive, and so he chooses an easier and cheaper way – go to the travel Agency “Recall” and eating a memories. Really don’t about the rest on the red planet, and the dangerous mission there as a secret agent. But the implantation of new memories is not too correct, the Quaid erase the memory of the visit “Recall” and sent home.But everything has changed. On Quaid attacks his work mate Harry along with several thugs, his house, waiting for a brutal fight with a loving wife Laurie, he runs off and gets the briefcase with a message from himself and a variety of spy devices and weapons. Well, after the Quaid, whose real name is Carl Hauser, goes to Mars and joins the rebellion against the rigid administrator of the planet Cohaagen. “Total recall” would never be born. The film rights to the short story “We remember everything” (the original “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” in Russian translated and by other names) bought in 1974 (with a live dick) budding writers Ronald Shusett and Dan O’bannon; much later together they wrote the screenplay to “Alien”, Susset worked on the films “Above the law” with Steven Seagal and “dissenting opinion”, and O’bannon was a writer of many sequels to “Alien” and he put the horror film “return of the living dead”. But then they were at the beginning of his career; however, right cost is inexpensive, the writer gave them a thousand dollars. They immediately came up with almost the entire story with forgotten memories and journey of the protagonist to Mars (in the story of this journey is not), but postponed the project until better times, taking up “Other” – which��, by the way, helped them to earn and become famous, and at the same time attracted the attention of others to them in the scenario development. But first, the future of “total Recall” refused to “Disney”, then this story caught the attention of producer Dino De Laurentiis, who has begun a multi-year “production hell”. Rather, at first all went well – was found the lead actor (actor Richard Dreyfus), Director (David Cronenberg), and the picture was in motion. But Cronenberg had his own vision of the story, a finished script did not suit him, and he many times it was copied; the result of Shusett called “too look like the work of dick.” Cronenberg was offended and left.

To remember them all. What causes years of waiting for sequels
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Despite the departure of the Director (and Dreyfus, too, was replaced by Patrick Swayze) by 1987, the project was almost ready to go. But the trouble came from not waiting for: company De Laurentiis went bankrupt (impact box office failure of “Dune” by David Lynch), and no “total Recall” could not be considered. Saved the day Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has long looked to this film, but couldn’t even pass the audition because of the strange decisions of the producer. Iron Arnie was then at the height of his fame, the projects were chosen very carefully, and his opinion listened to. And then the company Carolco bought the rights to the screen adaptation of the story of dick and all developments on the scenario; Schwarzenegger has guaranteed its participation in the project for a substantial fee of $10 million and a percentage of box office receipts.In addition to the money Schwarzenegger has actually summon himself the position of dictator – he could invite the filmmakers to change the script and actors. In General, almost all could. It was his efforts in the film Paul Verhoeven – Schwarzenegger wanted to work with him since “Robocop”, and now had the opportunity to fulfill his dream. “Total recall” seemed to have found a second wind – a very fast birth of a new concept film, combining Thriller (which was a good Schwarzenegger) and mind games (in which he specialized Verhoeven). The original script has remained almost unchanged – all the subsequent layers from it simply removed. “Total recall” has managed in a round sum – production, the budget was very solid for the time $65 million; and the special effects were done the old fashioned way (having the ability CGI “Terminator 2” was released only in 1991) – but they earned an Oscar, because he was very decent.The movie was released 1 Jun 1990, and immediately became understood that it was a hit. And so it happened – total fees in the world amounted to $261 million; recall that in the USSR, watched the film exclusively pirated, in the video. That’s not counting another two nominations for “Oscar” for sound and editing sound effects.ActRAM also got a bit of fame. Schwarzenegger (in addition to the fees and parts of fees) once again confirmed that he is the action hero number one; ahead of him, there were several films that are among the best – for example, “Terminator 2” or “True lies”. For actress Sharon stone, who played agentessy, pretending to be the wife of the protagonist, the part in this picture was the beginning of a great career; two years later, Verhoeven called her in his film “Basic instinct”, after which she finally became a star.As for Verhoeven, he just continued to shoot films in his subsequent filmography was “Basic instinct,” “Showgirls”, “starship troopers.” But at the same time he left the future to the audience “to Remember all” unsolvable puzzle – whether the journey of Quaid on Mars real, or all he dreamed, as he lay in the capsule “Recall”. The exact answer to this riddle, no, but hints the solution in the picture fully. This makes the film even more interesting – even after all these years after release. In contrast, for example, of the 2012 film (“total Recall” len Wiseman of) that too literally transferred to the screen the story of Philip K. dick.