Sweden is in the Corona-crisis exceptionalism: kindergartens and primary schools up to the ninth class are different than high schools and universities open. The Same is true for Restaurants, pubs and cafes, which may serve their guests recently, but only at the table. The ski resorts are also open for more, the state limits for Non-EU citizens-proof, but not for Europeans. I need help I want to help

in Sweden without extreme measures

Sweden is the only EU country without an extremely sharp measures against Covid-19. The contrast to the strict approach of the Scandinavian neighbors Denmark and Norway, and Germany could hardly be greater. From home and abroad, the question comes up more and more often: “Takes Sweden Corona not seriously enough?”

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The Virus spreads compared to other countries, in Sweden, relatively slow. So far, there are more than 3000 confirmed cases of infection. More than 90 people have died of Covid-19, roughly two thirds of them in Stockholm.

the number of deaths to cases for days, from Tuesday to Wednesday, it doubled in 24 hours, almost from 19 to 37. In contrast to Norway, which is close to 4000 Infected, Denmark is approximately 2.200.

epidemiologist Tegnell polarized

Anders Tegnell what the virologist Christian Drosten for the Federal Republic of Germany, for Sweden: The top epidemiologist in Stockholm is currently the most sought-after man in the country, to be omnipresent on all channels. Almost every day he enters at 14 o’clock in front of the press and reported on the development of the Corona pandemic in Sweden. dpa, The Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell

Far opinions differ about him and his recommendations: so Far, the Swedish policy, the head of government Stefan Löfven has followed the recommendations of epidemiologists.

Also in the population there are still large parts that follow Tegnell. Other wonders, however, more and more, why Sweden moves to a completely different line than that of its neighbours and EU partners.

The objectives in the fight against the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 are the same as elsewhere: The virus spread is to be slowed down so that not too many people are affected at the same time is difficult and the health systems are overwhelmed. The consequences for the economy and citizens are to be collected in addition.

Two Swedish basic rules

Tegnell always refers back to two basic rules: it is isolated, the Elderly and the health of the preloaded people. In addition, all people with symptoms should stay at home, even at the slightest sign.

Tegnell says: “We are convinced that this is the right way. If you follow these two rules, there is no need for additional measures whose effect is only marginal.”

head of the government, Löfven added: “We must all take as individuals, our responsibility. We can not regulate everything by law and to ban.“

so Far, there would be not a single verifiable case in which an adult is a child. Why you should keep tens of thousands of healthy children at home.

With the consequence that many parents who work for the combat the crisis, could no longer go to work. So Tegnell established that kindergartens and primary schools up to year 9. Class in Sweden are more open.

a Lot of opposition for the government and Tegnell

This generous line do not only popular. In an open letter to several high-ranking Swedish scientists called on the authorities in the middle of the week to change of course.

The government needs to restrict the contact between the people in the country strong and a lot more testing, it said. It is also a good idea to close schools and Restaurants, until you know more about the Situation. dpa men sit in the Pub “Half Way Inn” in Stockholm, the centre of the Bar

“It’s bloody Serious. I am deeply alarmed by the development. I would ask most of all in Stockholm is under quarantine.”, Fredrik Elgh, Professor of Clinical Microbiology at Umeå University, warns.

“We are one of the countries in the world that have introduced the most vulnerable measures”, complained the molecular biologist Most Linnarsson from Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute in the newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”.

Åre the next Ischgl?

the ski resorts are open, makes for a particularly large lack of understanding. The Austrian ski resort of Ischgl is currently under massive criticism and is quite suspected to be Corona-infections in the whole of Europe. In Ischgl infected probably hundreds of vacationers with the Virus. The authorities reacted much too late.

repeat this error now in the Swedish Åre? Sofia Leje, the senior Doctor of Åre, criticized the movement of a massive government. The tourists flood in, the small community had necessarily to be stopped: “It would be appropriate to make Åre under quarantine. In Italy and Austria, was at an early stage warned of a Corona of infection, but it was decided to carry on as if nothing had happened. One must ask, with a view to the consequences, whether it has paid off this course of action really.”

Also in the neighbouring Nordic countries Norway and Denmark, looking in wonder at the still-open ski areas. The Danish Minister Mette warns, for example, Frederiksen and over again: “no skiing in Sweden.” Of the Scandinavian Unity in times of crisis, currently, is nothing to see.

The right path in the fight against Corona, nobody knows yet. The rather slow spread of Corona in Sweden may well be a sign that Tegnell, Löfven and Sweden are with your strategy, perhaps not so wrong. This can, however, only after the pandemic assess.

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