was a family drama, played out last fall in the family of the famous artistic Director of Theatre of a name of Mayakovsky Sergey Artsibashev.

the Wife and daughter of his older brother Vladimir, the founder of the popular show 50/50 – has filed two civil lawsuits. Both statements are somehow related to the mysterious death of their relative in the Metropolitan hospital, shortly before hospitalization in which he wills his property to an ex-lover and her friend. The latter, by a strange coincidence, was the Deputy Director of the clinic, which treated of the deceased.

Recall that the next tragedy in the family Artsybasheva happened in October 2019. In the media appeared the news that in a private Metropolitan hospital in a serious condition were Vladimir Artsibashev – brother who died in 2015 famous Director. As it turned out, the hospitalization was doing the former mistress of a man — Catherine Shakin. The woman explained that the man allegedly is in a bad relationship with their relatives and so she had to take matters into their own hands.

it is Noteworthy that, according to relatives, at that time the man who lived in two countries, was not involved in a relationship with Shakina. Shortly before the sad event he returned to his ex-wife Angela, who with her daughters settled in USA.

the Scandal erupted, when suddenly, at the threshold of the clinic had a daughter Ksenia patient and wife Angela Artsibashev. Women learned about the health problems the head of the family and the first flight arrived in Russia. The relatives immediately thought it strange that hospitalization was engaged ex-girlfriend, which Artsibashev-senior broke up. In addition, it remained an open question why the man was not taken to the nearest hospital, namely the closed hospital.

back in Moscow, the women first went to visit a relative. But the hospital to visit, he refused, saying that they patient one. In the end, the clinic had to take almost by storm. After calling the police, women still managed to briefly get into the room. According to the daughter, the father was in critical condition.

after a few days the man died.

Relatives are sure that they were kept at a distance, to hide the fraud with multi-million dollar inheritance. As it turned out, shortly before the terrible events of the man rewrote it with their children and to strangers. Among the heirs was the ex-lover Ekaterina Shakina and presumably her friend, the Deputy Director of the clinic.

According to the wife of the deceased, a man wrote a will back in 2016. And strangers in it then. The metamorphosis that occurred with the document, perhaps a criminal nature. In favor of this version speaks that in the country d��me where Artsibashev, Sr. once lived with his ex-lover, was found scribbled sheets of paper: someone very diligent trained to forge the signature of a man.

Connected to the case, lawyers tried to achieve excitation of criminal case, but the possibility is still there.

– There are absolutely obvious things. For example, supposedly Vladimir Artsibashev when he was already in a horizontal position and obviously couldn’t do written power of attorney to third parties at his SUV “Hyundai”, – explained “MK” lawyer Roman Maksimovich.

According to him, the investigation also raised the question on what grounds someone else’s pocket from the accounts Artsibashev has flowed quite a large sum of money — about 30 million rubles.

Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased decided to go to court. The first lawsuit from Angela and Xenia Artsybasheva arrived in Savelovsky court at the beginning of the year. As defendants in the lawsuit stated a former mistress and employee of the clinic. From them relatives of the deceased will be in court to demand the return of stolen property.

the Second lawsuit to the city health Department, clinic OOO “Medicine 24/7,” women have recently filed. Even during the siege of the medical institution the wife of the deceased and his daughter was troubled by the behavior of the staff who would not let them on the threshold and clearly exceeded their authority.