The savings Bank from September 1, will give Russian schools 25 thousand sets of consoles, which turn televisions into smart TVs and supercomputers by connecting to the cloud, said the head of Bank Herman Gref. According to him, Russia now has a large number of schools not equipped with technical means.”The big problem is the lack of technical means. 25% of schools do not have Internet. A huge number of students and schools do not have the required number of computers, tablets. We have long thought that you can do with it. In principle, we have released this year such a thing here, it costs 3 thousand rubles. In our country a huge number of TVs, but they are not smart. 78% of TV sets in the country is not smart. Here this thing is inserted into the TV, and she turns the TV into a smart TV into a supercomputer, because it connects with our cloud… From 1 September we are making a donation to schools. 25 thousand of these kits we give to schools for free with keyboards,” said Mr. Gref at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency of strategic initiatives with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.Mr. Gref explained that through the connection to the cloud the students will have access to educational content. “If would support expansion of infrastructure in schools… we would be ready to provide charitable assistance to schools, to this kind of stuff to buy. And then a much larger number of students would get access to educational resources and supercomputers as a whole,” he added.Recall that in may it was reported that about 85% of Russian schools are not technically ready to conduct all the lessons in the distance learning format. However, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of communications announced the creation of a digital state platform for distance learning of Russian students. The platform will be integrated with the social network “Vkontakte”.Whether the Russian education system is ready to transition to online — in the material “Kommersant” “Difficulties on the course”.