Customers behave in an exemplary manner in the vast majority of garden centres and diy stores, reads it from the police.

It is palm Sunday, and the sun is high in the sky.

A perfect day to spend on gardening and building projects. And a day with the possibility of many customers in the country’s diy stores and garden centres.

Probably, therefore, have the police on Sunday decided to patrol just the places that do-it-yourself people usually seek on a sunny spring day.

In these times of outbreaks of coronavirus, it does not go, that many people congregate in the same places. And it has by far the most business, and the customers apparently understood, says the country’s police districts.

On Twitter, writes The Police:

– The Police in the course of the morning been monitoring with a part diy stores and garden centres, where we have found that customers have been very good to comply with the authorities ‘ instructions in connection with the corona.

– Keep with it.

the Same pitch sounds from Copenhagen is Ranked the Police.

– We have the whole day in a large extent visited garden centres and diy stores in politikredsen. There have been many customers, but both the business and the customers is really good, that kept the necessary distance.

– So nice and the team finally settled in, write vagtchefen on Twitter.

the Other police, who commends the citizens for their obedience in diy stores, garden centres and at recycling centres, are Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police, City Police, east Jutland Police and the South Jutland Police.

the Latter, however, has also sent a notice out on the queues at the recycling centres in politikredsen:

– Should you run out, so plan your route around the roads at the genbrugspladserne. Many have chosen to keep their Sunday queuing up at the site.

– They are asked to keep the roads open, if necessary by sending people away, said earlier on Sunday from the Southern Jutland Police on Twitter.

Like much of the rest of society has the country’s recycling sites have been closed down to reduce the infection with the corona virus. But since Tuesday it has again been allowed for a large part of the genbrugspladserne to keep open.