Sasha Zvereva with her husband Daniel and newborns

On the day the 39-year-old ex-soloist of group “Demo” Sasha Zvereva became a mother for the fourth time. Gender of the newborn is the singer still kept secret. The star decided to be more honest with their fans in instagram, so published photos taken during labor and the birth of a baby (these were taken by a professional photographer).

the Actress has refused the help of doctors at the maternity clinic and gave birth at home, in his apartment in America. Mother of many children admitted to give birth at home is much nicer than in the maternity ward of the Department. It was a midwife who followed the process.

Asterisk safely delivered to the Ground. My most beautiful and profound experience. With all my heart our family accepts your congratulations. Restored and ready for you lot to tell

— signed Sasha pictures with the newborn and husband Daniel.

Zverev said that the fight she started immediately after training. She took a hot shower, smeared with oils and warm.

But the contractions didn’t calm down, as it always has before. It was the second big sign. I brewed tea with black seed oil and honey. I didn’t want communication. I cried… Close in the bathroom, danced (lowered the baby down into the pelvis), listened to meditative music (calmed zasuetilis mind), pinpointing the app contractions and listened to their increase. On the onset of labor no one knew. Except me, the baby and God… the Power struggles began to increase. I began to cry and to say goodbye to the tummy. Cheat curls, knowing that then it may not be to them. It was not until they… Dan worked on the floor above. The nanny was cooking on the floor below. I was in the latent phase, shaking it active. I was asked to brew 2 liters of chamomile for a mug Esmarch. The second mug I have done already in active combat. It was a fire!

— said Zverev in the stories.

Sasha Zvereva with her older daughter

Finished face-up and hair, I went to call Dan. Time. We had 2.5 hours. But I didn’t know about it,

she added.

Zvereva three kids from different husbands. The eldest daughter Vasilisa in this year will be 17 years old, and the sons of Makara and lion — 12 and 5 respectively.