Samburski a slap is a depressant

Nastasya Samburski made with the support of Regina Todorovski against the background of recent persecution because of statements justifying domestic violence.

Topalov did not protect his wife from harassment

“let’s roll! Hunted Todorenko, that had the temerity to speak out their position!”, – wrote the actress in the microblog.

Samburski admitted that she was beaten so she is quite entitled to speak on this subject.

“now, I tell you about that when your face hits a man, no matter what it is you have, it’s * * * that there is no excuse! And when you stand the brain is person from day to day, weeks and years, but in the end you gave max a slap is not violence! This is just a warning that the man is also a man and if you’re a fucking psycho and do not see the shores, then here you a sedative!”

Subscribers actress was unpleasant saddened by this statement.

Instagram Samburski overflowing negative reviews and reports the evasion. Suggested selected from Todorenko the title of “woman of the year” to pass the defender Samburski.

“the Thoughts of great people: "a Slap is a warning. That man is also a man". Pulls on the award “woman of the year”. I propose to tell you.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Nastasya knows what he writes. At the time she also divorced her husband, actor Cyril Dievice, whom she married in 2017.

The reason the separation of the pair so far nobody knows: Samburski quietly divorced and did not give any comments on this subject.

According to some, Nastassja had also experienced domestic violence.

Publish from Nastasya Samburski (@samburskaya) 25 APR 2020 12:28 PDT