Lady Drag, Marvin Pleitez’s alter ego, has been a controversial Bukele opponent since September. She draws media attention for her opposition to the 40-year old leader’s autocratic tendencies.

Bukele’s signature Bitcoin experiment began on Sept. 7, making it legal to use the cryptocurrency as an alternative to the U.S. Dollar. Lady Drag walked the streets along with other protesters, but in drag super hero attire, wearing a cape and mesh leggings, and black boots.

A large “B” symbolizing bitcoin was painted on Bukele’s chest. It had a thick black line running through it. This reflected her skepticism regarding the cryptocurrency. However, Bukele’s personal approval ratings rank among the highest in America.

Pleitez stated that Bitcoin is an issue for the country as it affects all of us. Pleitez also said that there were many other issues the public should be aware of.

The office of Bukele did not respond when asked for comment.

Pleitez, a 39-year-old gay university drama instructor, said that he voted in Bukele for 2019, when the former mayor of San Salvador ended a long-standing duopoly.

Pleitez began to doubt the media-savvy Bukele when he closed down a government office for sexual diversity. They grew even more when President Obama ordered soldiers to enter Congress in order to force stunned lawmakers to vote.

Pleitez admitted that he had participated in protests in the past, but it was only when he started appearing in drag that the “opportunistic media” began to pay attention to the striking figure cut in Lady Drag.

Pleitez’s alter persona can be traced back to his youth, when he worked as a waiter in a gay bar and was exposed to drag dancing at nightclubs.

His first drag performance won the 2007 contest under Lady Evance Versace Garuch. Pleitez was unable to perform for local clubs for more than a decade after he quit.

Pleitez turned his drag persona into activism because he was dissatisfied with Salvadoran politics.

Pleitez, who grew up in San Salvador’s capital, recalled growing up in a poor area looking for toys, and knocking on doors to get food from homes in wealther neighborhoods.

Pleitez discovered a love for theatre after accompanying a friend at a workshop. Pleitez studied performing arts in Cuba.

Pleitez stated, “Simply put: I’m going keep taking to streets and continue doing what I can from my own artistic angle.” Pleitez said, “No one is supporting me, no one gives money to me.”