Fair reward for your labor to ensure a decent existence and to save money for larger purchases, residents of Russia called the amount of 59 thousand rubles per month.

These results gave a survey carried out by the company “Sberbank life insurance” in 35 cities on a representative sample.

Last summer, a similar survey showed different results – 66 thousand rubles. Pandemic and coronavirus-isolation mode, which allows to significantly reduce spending, reduced revenue expectations of the Russians on 7 thousand roubles a month.

most decreased salary expectations among Moscow residents (78 thousand instead of 99 thousand rubles per month), Tyumen (52 thousand is 67 thousand rubles per month) and Vladivostok (64 thousand is 77 thousand rubles per month). Increased requests from respondents from Ryazan (68 thousand together 58 thousand rubles per month) and Naberezhnye Chelny (61 thousand instead of 60 thousand rubles per month). Respondents older than 35 were willing to settle for average monthly remuneration in 56 thousand rubles, while the younger stood at 61 thousand rubles.