the adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov, who was arrested July 7 for two months on charges of treason, told how he spent the first night in jail.

July 8 former journalist, suddenly become famous due to a criminal case in the SIZO “Lefortovo” was visited by human rights activists.

Safronov said that in General, the conditions in the prison seemed to him tolerable. “Not beaten, not tortured,” joked Ivan. However, after a dream he had back pains – the members of the PMC immediately appealed to the leadership of the detention center to replace the mattress.

In the chamber, where sits Safronov, TV. But it’s no use – no antenna, so the “box” is not working. As for the food, then Ivan appreciated “prison” mashed potatoes and fish. But asked that he be handed the juice and drying.

Safronov worried about the mother’s detention, became for it shock. It is also concerned about their own health. The fact that Safronov 5 years ago had pneumonia, and now is very afraid to be infected by the coronavirus behind bars.

to distract from gloomy thoughts, the prisoner took from the library the book “Atlas shrugged”. Human rights activists have promised to write him out of the Newspapers, as Safronov lamented the hunger for information – to read the news anywhere.

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