According to the “Deadpool” star, employees at a pizza place where he eats regularly think that he is Ben Affleck.

He told “Dear Hank and John”, “There’s an East Village pizza joint in New York that’s been my favorite for years.” “They think I’m Ben Affleck, and I have never corrected them.”

He said, “It would not go down well if (it) was revealed,”

Reynolds claims he does not get free food, but he plays along.

He said, “I do everything the same as everyone else.” They think I’m Ben Affleck, and ask me how J.Lo is. I say, “Great, good.” Then I take the pizza to go.

He claims he also has the right temperament for making workers believe he is Affleck.

He said, “What makes it so believable is that I look mildly sort-of put out by a celeb getting asked again about mine and I kind of look like they… when we leave, I think they sorta think, ‘I think Ben Affleck’s amused with us,'”

Reynolds is not the only A-lister Reynolds thinks he is. He says that he was also mixed up with Ryan Gosling and used to laugh at the confusion when asked what the differences were.

I said, “Well, the difference is easy for you to see. Ryan Gosling is blonde and Ryan Reynolds (bleep),” he joked.

Reynolds also said that it was a good thing Gosling was in “The Notebook”.

He laughed and said, “That would have failed horrendously.”

He said, “It could have been worse.” “I promise you. It would have been impossible to watch.”

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