Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds

32-year-old Blake lively and 43-year-old Ryan Reynolds have been together for over eight years. In the fall of 2012, the lovers were married 11 months after the beginning of the novel. A magnificent celebration was held at one of the most photographed plantations in the southern United States under the name of Boone Hall. This place still attracts large number of tourists at Boone Hall hosts bus tours and theatrical performances.

Recently, Ryan Reynolds talked to the publication Fast Company and the background of the recently ended in the US demonstrations and protests Black Lives Matter admitted that he and Blake still regret that I spent the wedding in this place. According to the actor, before the celebration he and his wife were not familiar with the history of the slave plantations.

the Choice of such a controversial place for weddings, historically racism, in his time, provoked a scandal, as many have condemned the couple for their ignorance.

In an interview with reporters Reynolds told me that he and his wife still tormented with remorse for this reason. To somewhat erase the memories of the festival, held on a former plantation slaves, a few years later, they even decided to play a second wedding right at home.

Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds

this is impossible to accept. We first saw this place for a wedding at pretty pictures on Pinterest (a social photo sharing site. — Approx. ed.). A very different picture appeared before us in the celebration day: it was a place built on a devastating tragedy. Many years ago we a second time and got married at home, but still tormented by remorse. It’s a fucking giant mistake that may force you to either close in on themselves, or much to rethink and to act. This does not mean that you don’t screw up again. However, the essence of this rethinking is the work that never ends,

— sharing your feelings Ryan.

it is Noteworthy that Internet service Pinterest and wedding portal The Knot last year ceased to actively market the slave plantation Boone Hall in order to avoid incitement to racial scandal. Now in the search bar of Pinterest you just can’t find content on the topic of “plantation for the wedding.” While in the Google search engine still has information about this place, but now in accordance with the new ethics it is accompanied by a banner with a warning that this content may violate company policy.

Wedding should be a symbol of love and unity, and slave plantations do not represent none of the above,

commented on these changes, the representative of Pinterest.

Blake lively and Ryan R��of ynolds reacted sharply to the death of a resonance African American George Floyd at the hands of police. After the incident, they donated 200 thousand dollars to the legal defense Fund and education, and later explained his decision.

We strive to educate our children so that they never grew up on these crazy stereotypes in society. So we will do everything possible so that they never knowingly or unknowingly hurt another being,

— said the couple in a statement.

Recall that recently in the centre of the racial scandal and other celebrity, the 62-year-old American TV host Ellen DeGeneres. The staff of her popular talk show complained about the abusive and illegal actions of the producers of the show, and also the fact that they are often bullied and discriminated against on racial grounds. However, many workers hinted that Ellen knew what was going on and she created an atmosphere in the team.

once the problem has been brought into the audience, DeGeneres has apologized to all the victims and announced the beginning of an internal investigation team. In the network there were rumors that the TV host even plans to leave his post due to accusations her show of racism and toxic atmosphere. Today it became clear that Ellen will remain the leading show: new season of its transmission starts on the 9th of September.

a Similar case occurred with the Director of the fashion Department of Vogue Brazil with a Donut of Meireles who was forced to resign after racist scandal. It all happened after the appearance in social networks photos from the party on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Meirelles, on which she posed on a white chair surrounded by black girls in the traditional outfits that resemble the clothing of the household slaves.

donation of Meirelles

After that, the network sparked intense discussion on this subject: many decided that it was a themed party in a colonial style and others have compared this photo with pictures of the 1860s, when the presence of slaves was considered a sign of high status. After the incident, Donata brought his public apologies and stated that it was not a theme party. Soon representatives of Brazilian Vogue confirmed that Meirelles resigned, and has announced the closure of the working position of the fashion Director because the position was once created specially for her.