Elena Malinnikova, head of the Department of Virology at the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, said that now doctors are not worried about the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, but about a possible combination of infection with others, RIA Novosti reports.

The expert warned Russians about the danger of combining COVID-19 with other infections and stressed that vaccination is a key way to prevent these diseases. Booster vaccinations against coronavirus lead to “very good results”, making it easier to carry the disease and not get infected.

“What is important for healthcare today is not that the incidence of coronavirus infection is growing, but that there may be mixed infections – a combination of coronavirus and influenza, adenovirus and coronavirus infection,” the infectious disease specialist stressed.

According to Malinnikova, experts in May predicted an increase in the incidence of coronavirus. Now the infection mutates almost every day, but the disease is mostly mild.

Earlier, the Gamalea Center revealed details about the new delta and omicron vaccine. The basis of the drug was the platform that is present in the vaccination “Sputnik V”. The name will remain — only the antigenic composition will change.