Anatoly Lebedev, Deputy head of the Department of Information Security at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, said that bank cards with the possibility of cashback, when part of the funds spent on the purchase is returned to the account, are becoming increasingly popular. They are also used by scammers, Sputnik radio reports.

The analyst explained that the new scheme of scammers is connected with the leakage of personal data (phone numbers, passport data) into the network. That is why the attackers began to call the victims, allegedly offering various services, including accumulated cashback. After that, they are asked to name the SMS code for paying the commission.

As a result, scammers get the opportunity to pay with a Russian card and other amounts. The code allows them to log in to the bank and cash out funds from the card, Lebedev warned the Russians. He added that such calls are not received from credit institutions.

“We must be vigilant, in no case should we be led to these offers and transfer our data, personal codes, without making sure that you are really being called by an official representative of a bank or company. It is best to call back to the official phone number of the bank or company and check the information, ” the specialist concluded.

Earlier it became known that scammers have found a new way to steal money from Russians. Through the chatbots of banks, they learned how to get customer card data, said expert Alexander Gerasimov.