just three days separated and the Saturday Congress of the Russian Union of Latvia, which took place on 4 July with the participation of the co-chairs of the party Tatyana Zhdanok and Miroslav Mitrofanov, clarify news channels, from the start of the official election campaign, the finish where stated on August 29.

But now analysts are increasingly asking hamlet’s timeless question: to be or not to be at the helm of the Riga orphaned supporters of the social democratic ideals of the former mayor.

the Political elite and the radical wing of Parliament, which is no stranger to run ahead of the engine, convinced in advance that the Central intrigue of the year will be the upcoming elections in the Riga Duma, which is guaranteed to stop the decade of the reign of the party “Consent” and “Honour to serve Riga”.

the Foundation for critical assessment of the situation there are supporters of the RSL, recognized delegates, the forum which takes place against the backdrop of a package of crisis events, including pandemic coronavirus, worrying developments on the world economic platform, the upsurge of racial unrest in the United States and the imbalance of the European Union.

and in most Baltic Republic in April and may, the actual unemployment rate increased by almost 20 thousand people and reached 9.2 percent. This acceleration, according to local analysts, it was not even during the previous economic crisis. Naturally, they believe, for many locals the issue was uncertainty, apprehension and fear: how the inhabitants of the metropolis will be able to provide for themselves the basic means of survival.

in addition, stated the co-Chairman of the party, Miroslav Mitrofanov, over the past since the past Congress year the Latvian authorities have adopted a number of normative acts that worsen the situation of Russian-speaking population. Although, he said, even those decisions in its consequences is not comparable to bans on Russian language in education, who blessed the Parliament and the owner of the Riga lock.

In this regard, according to the former MEP, the past year has proven the harmfulness of denial of political opponents of “Consent” from participating in mass protests, instead of which they tried to make a bet on complaints to the constitutional court of the country.

These appeals was doomed to political defeat, said Mitrofanov, because the court, having considered the appeal of the deputies upheld the basic restrictions on the Russian language in education. That is why the verdict of the Latvian Themis has only confirmed the correctness of the chosen tactics of behavior STGS: “to continue the struggle for the voters’ interests by all legitimate means, to expand the scope of the protest movement”.

Even despite the fact that RSL was artificially deprived of its state financing for last year persistent work and principled stance of its leaders has ensured the growing popularity, confirmed co-chair of the party.

During the year it strengthened in personnel terms. And among the highlights of the social stock Mitrofanov said protest marches, the preparation of more than one hundred lawsuits in the ECHR in protection of Russian education, a rally in support of the interests of low-income residents, the action in memory of the visit to the mass graves of Soviet soldiers on the eve of 9 may, a protest rally against plans to ban in the country the ribbons.

If elections in the Riga Duma passed this month, allows Mitrofanov, the party would get representation in the government. This victory, he said, should open the way for RSL in representative bodies at all levels. Success in Riga, he explained, will prepare for the next municipal elections in 2021 and to lay the groundwork for the return of the Russian party in the Parliament of Latvia in 2022.

However, he added cautiously, this result is not guaranteed, since competitors have incomparably greater resources for campaigning at a crucial stage of the campaign.

But the MEP from Latvia Tatyana Zhdanok, who grew up on the banks of the deep river continues to believe that the leader of “Consent”, moving to Brussels, where he has only stated support for anti-Russian resolutions, more reminiscent of the captain running ahead of the team from the sinking ship.

the Major holes below the waterline, said in an interview “RG” Tatyana Arkadyevna made over the past decade, control of the city. “Bad administration is the weakest one reproach which you can make him as mayor of Riga. Speaking about his party, it is enough to say that she had betrayed the interests of their constituents, and that the vast majority of supporters of “Consent”.

by the Way, the party Congress delegates RSL voted in its resolution that in case of a victory on elections in the Riga party will offer partners the formation of a coalition on the principles of respect for the residents from different backgrounds, income and age. “For us, all the inhabitants of Riga potential partners to restore order in the city and return to economic growth”, – said Mitrofanov.

After the election of deputies from the STGS to the city Council and other government party, according to him, the party will be to actively influence the personnel policy in education, providing for the appointment of Directors of schools and kindergartens that will be committed to preservation of the national identity of students.

Since Saturday Congress took place in conditions of social distancing, not canceled after an emergency situation in the country, it are unable prinive by all members of the party. Therefore a decision: RSL will hold an extraordinary Congress, which will be devoted to discussions on the future of Latvia and the election of new members of the Board on the terms of unlimited personal competition.

the Party should be updated and become more dynamic, summed up its co-chairmen in an interview with “RG”.