Russian scientists found oil decomposing bacteria

Russian scientists found in the Arctic bacteria that can be the basis of the preparation for purification of soils from oil products, the report said the Ministry of environment.

"Specialists "Rosneft" national Park "Russian Arctic" (Arkhangelsk oblast) in the framework of the joint project "Pure Arctic" detect bacteria, based on which it can be developed innovative drug for the purification of soils from oil products. A unique feature of bacteria is that they are able to decompose petroleum products at low temperatures (2-6 degrees)", — stated in the message.

It clarifies the Agency, the microorganisms were identified by scientists in samples of contaminated soil on the island of Alexandra Land. In this area ground water formed the so-called "zones of migration" of petroleum products, which subsequently fell into the sea.

"As the scale of oil pollution can be enormous, and the process of self-purification of soils is long, biotechnological methods for remediation of contaminated soil, which we are now studying on the archipelago Franz-Joseph, becoming a crucial role", – said the head of the complex scientific project "Pure Arctic" Dmitry Kryukov.