MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. On the eve of the world day of Harry Potter, which is celebrated every year on 2 may, book MyBook service conducted a survey among the users and find out how they relate to the famous series of novels by JK Rowling, what are their favorite characters, and even spells, told RIA Novosti in the press service.

In the survey, analysts found that more than 92% of our readers are familiar with at least one of the books about the wizard and his friends. 61% of claims that Harry Potter has influenced their Outlook, 46% of respondents so — young people aged 20 to 30 years.

the Majority of survey participants noted that they appreciated the books, primarily for the atmosphere of magic and sorcery. They like that the writer has paid particular attention to the friendship and reciprocity of the characters, described the fairy-tale world in which the characters live, and came up with exciting plot.

More than half of the respondents would like to have the sorting hat school of witchcraft and wizardry Hogwarts sent them to the faculty of Gryffindor. In second place was Ravenclaw. To become his students wouldn’t mind 16% of respondents. Third place Slytherin — 11% of the vote. The unclaimed Department was Puffenduya. Remembered about it only 5%.

the Most popular spell was the spell “Reparo” — using it in the Wizarding world can mend any broken object. On the second place — “Expecto patronum”, the Patronus causes (protects from Dementors and other evil creatures. — Approx.ed.). The top five were: “Wingardium leviosa”, “Lyumus” and “Alohamora”.