MOSCOW, may 2 – RIA Novosti. The filmmakers miss the work, but to talk about the safety of filming in the spread of the coronavirus so far, reported RIA Novosti Directors and movie actors.

“of Course, everybody is tired of the downtime, but I don’t want to go in the frame, and I would not dare, suddenly you will be the cause of someone’s illness? Artists can agree to do it and can and no camera crews no such choice. Even those who walk in with masks and gloves, can still get sick, unfortunately. You understand that none of the crew could not shoot in protective masks and suits, as doctors, at a safe distance. It is impossible to predict how things will be, we have not yet reached a critical point, then all will understand” – said to RIA Novosti, the actress Julia Peresild.

the Actress stressed that no matter how asked everyone to stay home for the may holidays, the people take to the streets and will fry the kebabs – “the holidays will tell all.”

Actor Nikita Tarasov believes that the decision about the shooting Directors, actors and producers should take, not on the basis of decrees, and following common sense.

Tarasov said that in the cinematic world, there are fears that in order to produce the film makers will turn a blind eye to some safety measures.

“I absolutely do not want to do so as necessary, I’ll wait. The health of my team to me much more. We’ve already missed the right time of filming, is now rewriting the script. At the beginning of the shooting we still have open date. Artists approved, and they all agree with an open date,” – said Tarasov.

He said that as an actor, he would like to get back to his former life with flights, bags, lack of sleep, but this is not the first crisis in the memory of Russians. According to him, sitting at home is not the worst thing that happened and what could happen in theory.

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