According to the press service of the southern military district, the active phase of the maneuvers organized on the Black sea coast, where motorized infantry in cooperation with the air defense units, scouts and gunners decided defensive and offensive tasks. They defended the city from enemy. “Diverse units of Russia and Abkhazia in the beginning of the week was alerted and moved to the polygons for collaborative tasks.

the exercise was conducted at the sites of Nagvalou and Tsabal in the interaction with ministries and departments of the Republic, during which the battalion tactical groups worked fire missions under the cover of army aviation,” – said at the headquarters of the southern military district.

At the final stage of military exercises has infected more than thousands of ground and air objects of the conditional opponent – it was the infantry and enemy aircraft. In total, the joint exercise command involved more than two thousand troops and over 300 pieces of equipment. Including anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 tanks T-72B3, BTR-82A armored vehicles, anti-tank missiles “Storm”, self-propelled artillery 2S3 “Akatsiya” howitzer D-30, jet systems of volley fire BM-21 “Grad”, mortar setting “Sunny”, communication vehicle based on the BTR-80 and all-terrain vehicles on chassis of KAMAZ.

Recall that the Agreement defining the purpose, formation, deployment and use of the joint group of Russian troops and the Abkhaz armed forces was signed in Moscow on 21 November 2015. A year later, the state Duma ratified the document. United group is intended, quote, to “adequately respond to an armed attack (aggression), as well as other threats to the military security in respect of any of the parties.”

it is Known that the organization and conduct of joint activities, including bilateral exercises are carried out on the basis of the joint guidelines of the General staffs of the two countries.

the composition of the group from the Russian side included our 7th military base, promptly obeying the command of the southern military district. From Abkhazia – two separate motorized rifle battalions, one artillery and aviation groups, as well as a separate detachment of special purpose.

In peace time for interaction outside the group of units of the responsible operational group. It included representatives of both parties. Leads this group, as a rule, the commander of the Russian military base. And in the period of direct threat of aggression and wartime, the troops of the joint group reassigned to the commander, which is administered in the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.