Russian satellites of Earth remote sensing (ERS) will increase to 20 vehicles within three years. This is stated in the article, Deputy Director of the Russian space Agency space complexes and systems Michael Chilova and the Deputy Director of the Department of space navigation systems (GLONASS) of the state Corporation Valery Zaichko.

Is expected to increase to 2022-2023 years the number of satellites in the orbital group of up to 20 and maintain it at this level until 2030, it says in the scientific journal "Remote sensing of the Earth from space in Russia". It is also planned to expand the network of Russian reception centres, including in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (Moscow and Anadyr) and Antarctica (station "Progress"). This, said the Russian space Agency, will significantly expand the ability to collect remote sensing data not only from Russian but also from foreign satellites, reports TASS.

Now the group consists of 12 orbiting spacecraft, eight of which provide high spatial resolution data.