The Governor of the Sakhalin region Valery Limarenko said on Japan’s claims about Russia’s conduction of exploration works on the Kuril Islands, Recalling that the amendments to the Constitution enshrined the territorial issue.

“a Few days ago we once again – for the umpteenth time – witnessed the territorial claims of the Japanese side. The reason was that the exploration in the area of the Kuril Islands. Work in our territory, we have an absolute right. A right paid for with the lives of our ancestors who fought for the freedom and independence of the Motherland”, and quoted him as “FederalPress”.

He recalled that on 1 July finished voting on amendments to the Constitution.

“They are, as you know, reinforce the inseparability of Russian territories. Once and for all. For this vote the residents of Sakhalin and kurilchanami. I am sure that we will support the majority of Russians. Today each of the residents of our beloved country have the opportunity to contribute to irrevocably close the territorial issue. No doubt, we do not lose him. And after a few days, similar claims from abroad will be just meaningless. And we can clearly and without regard for third-party opinions to say. Our Sakhalin. Our Kuriles. Our country. Our future,” Limarenko has addressed to inhabitants of the region.

Earlier, Secretary General of the government of Japan Acehide Suga said that Russia made a submission in connection with prospecting in the sea of Okhotsk. According to him, Tokyo “follows closely the actions of Russia over the four Northern Islands” (Kunashiri, Shikotan, Iturup and Habomai).

In the state Duma noted that the normalization of relations with Russia Tokyo should be concluded with the Moscow peace Treaty, to repeal all the anti-Russian sanctions and stop cooperation with NATO in the far East.