Russia is not going to pay Britains 76 million rubles in the case Smickovska

MOSCOW, 27 Jun – RIA Novosti. A British court is not entitled to recover from Russia 830 thousand pounds (76,2 million rubles at the CBR exchange rate) in compensation to businessman Dmitry Smickovska involved in the corruption case of General RF IC Alexander Drymanov, said to RIA Novosti, the Prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation.

according to the Agency’s lawyer Elena Fedulova, the British authorities will put Russia account for this amount on account of the costs of the businessman, which he suffered in part won them the process of extradition. According to the defender, the amount to the merchant first pays to the British government, and then it will try to recover it with Russia.

in addition, the Ministry denied allegations that Russia has provided to the British court evidence of transfer of sane Smickovska bribes.

Initially, the RF IC filed a case against Smickovska a criminal case of bribery jeep ex-the chief of management of own safety of Investigative Committee Mikhail Maksimenko.

he Smychkovski has told RIA Novosti that Maksimenko took his car to test the conditions of the hunt. But when he drove it up to hunting in Novgorod region, the car broke down and Maksimenko, according to his statement, refused to buy the jeep.

having Examined the case, the London court refused to extradite businessman.

a second request to Russia was sent after the criminal case about a bribe in one million dollars, the entrepreneur, according to the investigation, as a mediator handed over the release from prison of crime boss Andrew Kochanova (Italian).

meanwhile remaining in Russia, the persons involved in this scandal have already received long prison terms. In mid-March, the Moscow city court sentenced the former head of a capital Central Board SK of the Russian Federation General Alexander Drymanov, Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexey Kramarenko to 12, 14 and 10 years in a strict regime colony, respectively.