Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia explained why Moscow emerged from the notification mechanism on humanitarian objects and movements in Syria.

"This mechanism was voluntary arrangement. He has no mandate, neither the Security Council nor any other legitimate basis. We have repeatedly pointed out the shortcomings of the mechanism. This is constantly ignored", — said the diplomat.

As previously stated zamgenseka UN for humanitarian Affairs mark Lowcock, Russia on 23 June informed the organization that no longer participates in the mechanism.

Russia has repeatedly criticized the mechanism deconflicting. As indicated by the sebenza, it is often used for disinformation. So, often the objects, which was defined as humanitarian, in fact, was used by the terrorists.

In addition, the Ambassador pointed out the discrepancy between the coordinates specified by the UN, and objects that were supposed to be there.

As recalled by the sebenza, in the autumn of 2019, the UN created the Commission on investigation of attacks on civilian infrastructure in the North-West of Syria.

Then the countries of the West accused them Russian and Syrian authorities.

The Ambassador at the press conference presented the pictures that proved false accusations against Russia, but the evidence was ignored.

According to him, the Ministry of defence conducted its own investigation and confirmed that some of the objects referenced by the Commission is not exposed to shocks.