Confiscated in Malta Libyan dinars printed in accordance with the signed in 2015, the contract approved by the Parliament of Libya. This is stated in a statement on Saturday comments by the Russian foreign Ministry.

"a Contract to print Libyan dinars was signed in 2015 between JSC "Russia" and the head of the Central Bank of Libya approved by the Chamber of deputies (Parliament) of Libya. The Libyan side was made must be prepaid. In the performance of its contractual obligations, the Russian organization sent a letter to the Central Bank in the city of Tobruk shipment of Libyan banknotes printed. While we believe that these funds are necessary to maintain stable functioning of the entire Libyan economy", – said the Ministry.

In the United States announced the interception of a billion dollars from Russia

Statements of the Department of state about the making of "false" Libyan dinars Russian JSC "Russia" are unfounded, said the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. "the False are not Libyan dinars, and the American Declaration. Russia consistently advocates the alternative of a political settlement in the framework of a broad dialogue mezhliviysky, strict compliance with the international community solutions to the Libyan issue", – said the Russian depodesta.

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