Virtual visitors to the Museum on this day will be able to walk through the halls of the Museum and to visit the exhibition “the Feat of the Army”, as well as in new large-scale exhibition “the feat of the People”. At 13:00, will open a new Online tour of “Heroes of the great Patriotic war”, telling about the prowess of the first commander of the “Katyusha” captain Flerov, durability, Lieutenant-General Lukin and courage of Soviet spies.

On the YouTube channel of the Museum of the Victory in the 15:00 the celebratory program will continue to broadcast the concert of the all-Russian open festival detsko-youthful creativity “the Cranes Victory.” The audience will hear songs “I’m flying over Russia”, “Look at this land from a height” and admire folk dance “Kalinka”, “Cossack dance” and “Moscow quadrille” performed by young artists – participants of the festival.

on a holiday, June 12, on the official website of the Conservatory, the audience is waiting for an impressive sight – a marathon of art “look into the future”. In the program music welcome artists of different genres and creative teams, including the National Symphony orchestra of Republic of Bashkortostan, the State chamber choir of the Republic of Tatarstan, the theatre of the “People”, chamber choir “Nizhny Novgorod” chamber choir of the Moscow Conservatory.

On the Youtube channel of the Moscow Conservatory will broadcast the concert “Born in Russia” took place exactly a year ago at the Great hall of the Conservatory with the participation of chamber orchestra “New music” of the Center for contemporary music of Sofia Gubaidulina from Kazan chamber orchestra and contemporary music Opensoundorchestra with the artistic Director of the show, Professor Alexander Solovyov, the conductor. The program will include music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Dmitri Shostakovich, Alfred Schnittke, Alexei Rybnikov and Eduard Artemyev.

Day of Russian museums will celebrate video meeting “Under the double eagle” on the YouTube channel of the Museum. Viewers can get acquainted with the history of uniforms of the units that are considered the face of the Russian army and military custodians of the rituals of Presidential and 154-th separate commandant Preobrazhensky regiments, and the cavalry escort of the Presidential regiment.

the origin of the uniforms of these military units and symbols tell a military historian, editor of “Old Zeughaus” Stanislav Lyulin and journalist, publicist Dometius Zavolsky.

the Museum of Moscow to the holiday prepared a fascinating story about the Russian capital. Tour guide Maria Nikitina tells the audience the history of the Square of Jawaharlal Nehru, will speak about the cinema “Progress”, the Great Moscow circus and Children’s musical theatre named N. And.Sats.

to listen to the online tour will be at 19.00 visit of the Museum of Moscow in Instagram.

June 12 on the website of the Tula state customabout the Museum of weapons, as well as on his official pages in social networks will be poetry online-a flash mob dedicated to the Day of Russia. All those who wish to read together poems about our great country. The campaign will give yourself the Museum staff, who read a poem by E. A. Asadov “Russia began not with the sword.”

the Museum convinced the Russian, Tula weapon – a weapon of protection of native land. And each exhibit tells of the heroism of those who created this weapon (designers, scientists, armourers) and those with weapons defended the Fatherland. Multimedia Museum tours are available to everyone.