The requested message from Covid-19-infected people in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the police is met with some local resistance. The health offices in Rostock and in the district of Vorpommern-not to defect, the claim of the health Minister Harry Glawe (CDU), to provide a daily updated list of Infected of the two police headquarters. You make in the first place, the privacy claim.

The district of Ludwigslust-Parchim checks according to the words of a speaker, yet, as with the claim from Schwerin should be handled. However, the speaker of the state capital Schwerin, in the district of North West Mecklenburg declared, to provide the County of Mecklenburg and of the district of Rostock, the statement sequence.

The country district has not yet formed a final opinion, as managing Director Matthias Köpp the German press Agency said. “You have to weigh between the protection of positively Tested and the possible protection of Others.” This was not a simple consideration. The desired message could lead to a cradle in a false sense of security – after all, nobody is forced to be on Covid-19 test, if he’s mean, he’s infected. Köpp has announced talks with the state government in the next few days.

Rostock Senator for Social Affairs, Steffen Bock Hahn (Left) said the dpa, the recipients of the lists is not sufficiently determined and the claim to information can only apply individually, but not for groups. “The quasi-public Naming of Infected has already had multiple bad consequences.” Bock, Hahn reminded of the treatment of HIV Sufferers in the 1980s. “We should learn from history. Rostock is not to make these lists in the Form requested and is not passed.“

The mode of Transmission of Sars-CoV-2 Virus is droplet infection. “In the same way, other diseases with a comparable or higher death transfer rate,” said Bock, Hahn, and referred to Influenza, tuberculosis, and measles-diseases. “To be consistent, would have to be created with any of these infections lists, and this idea shows how absurd and unreasonable the precept is.” To be an appropriate and constructive to each other, also for the protection of the police, the health Department ready at any time.

The Ministry of health had sent a Letter to counties and County-free cities. In it they are asked to give a day-to-date lists with the Covid-19-Infected to the police. Officials need to know whether a site may be Infected are. The left and the FDP criticized the suggestion.