Earlier it became known shocking proposal by Elon musk to dump a lot of nuclear bombs to Mars to… turn it a climate similar to earth. To spend a large series of thermonuclear explosions was proposed at the poles of the red planet. According to the calculations of the head of SpaceX, this will lead to evaporation of frozen carbon dioxide, which forms the ice caps at the poles of Mars. The evaporated gas will make the atmosphere more dense and cause the greenhouse effect, leading to temperature rise, but in the end will make the Martian climate is the same as on Earth. The so-called “terraforming Mars” is a smokescreen, scary and distracting, says the General Director of “Rosatom”. “Blow up Mars is unlikely, but a pretext for the conclusion in the space of thermonuclear weapons – the obvious” – wrote in his blog Dmitry Rogozin. And concluded that States “are taking a course on militarization of space”.

That gave rise to these estimates? Just yesterday, may 17, from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida has started the carrier rocket Atlas-5 with an experimental military mini-Shuttle X-37B. The United Launch Alliance led to a live broadcast of the launch.

the Fact that this run in the interests of the Military-air forces of the USA, nobody hides. On account of this flight, the X-37B for the sixth, but the first – using the service module contains apparatus for experiments. As declared in the day of start during the test flight on Board the X-37B will be held a large number of experiments, but only two – in the interests of NASA.

Shuttle X-37B developed by the firm Boeing. Starting in 2010, made five space flights mini-Shuttle in the duration from 225 to 780 days. Information about which experiments in orbit were carried out in the interests of the military, tightly sealed. There are only estimated information. So, according to the former Minister of the U.S. air force Heather Wilson (he held this post from may 2017 to may 2019), the unusual maneuverability of the X-37B in space, “drive enemies insane”.

Dmitry Rogozin in October 2018 expressed concern that the X-37B can be used by the us military as a carrier of weapons. According to him, such a device cannot be seen system of missile warning. Although the Russian military claimed that keep track of all the maneuvers of the us Shuttle.

the last flight of the mini-Shuttle back in October 2019, but left in orbit three they derived satellite of unknown purpose.