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Export daily flights to Moscow brought no more than 500 people, and in airports located in other regions - not more than 200. This is due to the fact that everyone needs to pay much attention: all passengers pass the examination, and then go to the quarantine
On April 11, the planned two flights for the evacuation of Russian citizens from abroad in the regions. In particular, from Bangkok to Saint Petersburg will arrive about 50 people, and then the same Board will go to Moscow with roughly 300 passengers
The Federal air transport Agency has prepared a preliminary schedule of export of the Russian citizens from abroad. The project is composed by 13 April. At the moment 25,8 thousands of Russian tourists waiting to return home
In Russia there is a new type of fraud associated with the mass cancellation of flights due to pandemic COVID-19. Criminals calling from the airlines with a proposal to return the money for the flights and the alleged return of the money know credit cards
Russian citizens from Indonesia and Thailand will be in Russia within the next weeks. In the two countries is the large number of Russians at the moment. The variants of the export of citizens from Latin America
Five Russian airlines received permission from the aviation authorities of the United Arab Emirates to carry out flights for export in the country of the Russians. Each of the carriers will make one flight
Actively work on the issue of the return of Russian nationals from Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, said the Federal air transport Agency. Also now the subject of consultations with the airlines, the schedule which still have flights to Latin America, the return of Russian citizens there
Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus from March 23 imposed restrictions on flights and with a number of countries, follows from the message of Federal air transport Agency. The flights will be performed only in the capitals of some foreign countries, as well as for evacuation of Russians
Russia from 23 March introduces the new temporary restrictions on flights to Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection. In these countries will only fly Charter flights to return the Russians home
Russia restricts flights to Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand. This saves direct flights from Moscow to the capitals of these countries, as well as the Charter for the export of Russian citizens. The measures will take effect from March 23
The evacuation of Russian citizens from Morocco and the Philippines, with special flights scheduled on March 23 and 25. 21-23 March 6 export scheduled flights mostly from European capitals. Representatives of the airlines of the Russian Federation subject to availability of places open selling tickets at affordable rates
Regular flights between Etorofu, Kunashiri and the Shikotan will run from 29 March to 24 Oct 2020. The flight will cost 2.3 and 3.1 thousand rubles. Fare includes 20 kg Luggage and hand Luggage
Friday, March 20, Russia will limit flights from the UK, USA and the United Arab Emirates. Order of the Ministry of transport the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
The losses of Russian airlines due to restrictions of air travel due to pandemic coronavirus can be more than 100 billion rubles. The Federal air transport Agency does not exclude even bankruptcies of airlines
Aviation faces crisis, in the third quarter of a possible bankruptcy, experts say. The problem is not just the closure of a number of international destinations, but also the exchange rate that is tied to the maintenance and salaries of pilots
The Austrian authorities decided to close the air communication with Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and the UK. This was announced by the Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. As specified in the Embassy of the Russian Federation, the measures will come into force at midnight on 17 March
Russia restricts flights over EU countries since March 16. Exception - regular flights to European capitals and Charter flights. It is reported by the operational headquarters for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus infection
In Russia there will be an airline that will do transportation in the far East. The new carrier will form the route network of regional and local traffic. Fly stably beginner will help of the promised subsidies, experts say
The airline "Victory" announced the suspension of flights to Italy. This measure will be valid until 31 March inclusive. The reason for this decision was the closure of a number of Italian provinces is quarantined due to the spread of the coronavirus
FAS will monitor the airfare after the restriction of air traffic in the PRC and the ROK connection with the coronavirus. This measure is necessary is that airlines are not compensated for the drop in profits in the foreign market price increases on domestic routes
From March 1 will be suspended in air communication with South Korea due to the outbreak of coronavirus, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. While the country will continue to operate flights "Aeroflot" and "Aurora". Diagram of the receiving aircraft will be the same as in the case of China

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