Riyadh may redirect oil tankers if the United States banned the import

MOSCOW, April 23/ Radio Sputnik. Saudi Arabia could redirect oil tankers bound for the United States if the U.S. President Donald trump decides to impose a ban on oil imports from the Kingdom, Reuters reported, citing sources.

So, on the way to the U.S. is about 40 million barrels of Saudi oil, which should reach your goals in the coming weeks.

Monday, April 20, trump said that would “look” at the possibility to stop the supply of oil from Saudi Arabia to the United States. Assistant Secretary of state for energy Frank Fannon last week also did not rule out the introduction of tariffs.

Oil traders in Europe and Asia, expect that the Saudis will attempt to redirect tankers to other markets, which will put enormous pressure on storage tanks in the two regions.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that foreign media have speculated Washington might put pressure on Moscow in the issue of oil production.

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