And although Rita grew up in the posh London district of Notting Hill, looked at you still with “prejudice” of people who used the word “refugee” as a “pejorative” term. As she talked about the decision of their parents to leave Albania, she said: “My mother was a psychiatrist and my father an economist. You have left your whole life behind and had to start at Zero, when they arrived as refugees in London. But to protect us their top priority was“. She was grateful every day for what have done to your parents.

So it was in London

The singer of ‘Vogue added: “they have sacrificed so much and work so hard for our family worked. You have studied, learned a new language and my older sister, my younger brother and me well-educated. You have taught us to fight for what we want to work hard and keep going, no matter what the circumstances.“


For London had chosen her parents, because her father loved the music and the culture. The 29-Year-old added: “Nevertheless it was, as you can imagine, is extremely difficult to start a new life.”

her Childhood was “tough”, but she made friends with other “foreign” children, because they had something in common.”It was always hard to grow up; there were a lot of prejudices and judgments. I was often referred to in derogatory way, as a refugee, but I had many foreign friends, and we all had a great time, to connect us through our being different,“ says Rita. Rita back often travels to Kosovo and says she is “proud” of your “heritage”. (Bang)

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