And if you like it in Figures: The Italians has interviewed a week after the Corona curfew already. 93 percent felt fear. 42 per cent felt not very bad. Have you ever spoken with a psychologist? I’ve done it. Virtual. I’m in Corona psychotherapy. The Good first: Anyone can do it currently immediately, anonymously and free of charge.

Online help for the soul, psychological Online training, on a number of European Start-up specializing-ups. In German Selfapy and Hello better offer for example, special Corona-psycho-therapies, together with universities has developed. Everything via a Smartphone to operate. For me, the threshold would be very large, to find a suitable psychotherapist. I just wanted to understand quickly and my condition. Again, a little bit of control over my life. First aid-per-Click.

Much of the focus is in the Apps around the mental health and things you may know already and applying. Clearly, we know that the regulated days of the expiry of the Holding, even at home. And one is aware of the fact that a lot of inner tension transfers to the muscles and the body clamped. Nevertheless, the visual do humanized Anti-stress exercises are good to loosen and stretch the body. Yoga, that would be in this time for all the very helpful.

I’ll also remind you to work in bed, because the turn Off is even harder. But the Online therapy goes much further. How could we help our children to come to salvation through the crisis? Even children have Stress, and you might be clingy, fearful, angrier than usual. I am grateful that I can make in a first anonymous step-by-step thoughts.

But we come to the very core of our Stress, on the Corona-therapies, all the clear instructions. It is this is sensory overload, this never-ending News flow of terror and death. Social media stress in addition. It is therefore important to set clear boundaries. To bring, for example, only in the morning and in the evening, during a clear time window to the latest version. Maybe even Push notifications to off. As a journalist, that sounds like a ban, of course, almost to the profession. And I am having a hard time.

Other problems I have solved. The University of Zurich also offers a free therapy for the Corona times. A couple of therapy, called a couple of life. “You listen to your Partner, give him space to speak, to talk to him and give him courage?”, a question is. I must deny, I am dealing only with myself. Already in the questionnaire, I realize that my Problem is the Partner, but myself, and that I must first learn, my own Corona to cope with Stress.

especially in the Nordic countries and the UK are additional virtual therapies of long life. Both universities and Start-ups were able to demonstrate in many studies that Online can psychotherapy actually work. Exactly why offers, for example, in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany are already integrated into the health sector, and many funds support the Online help. Not so in Switzerland.

In Switzerland we underestimate how much the Virus weighs on the soul. The politics and society have recognised that the crisis is physically and economically a heavy and, accordingly, exceptionally responsive. Now it’s a matter of acknowledging that the disease is also psychologically difficult. The longer this period lasts, the greater the danger. A traumatised society has to stand up no strength, again.

In Italy, speaks the Ministry of health for a long time a psychic Corona-a state of emergency and offers to all citizens free psychological consultations online. 9000 psychologists to be involved with and support by phone or by Video. Nobody has to be alone through this crisis. #departure

* Patrizia Laeri (42) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She writes every second Wednesday for VIEWS.