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— because Of the snowy winters the soil is dry, no moisture has accumulated, — the Director of the large farms of the Ryazan region. The anxious waiting, may I repeat in 2010, heat and thirsty. It might be something worse…

the fact that in the current year, the authorities especially do not expect favors from nature, waiting for some events, comparable to the great depression in the U.S. in 30 years, confirm a number of circulars to farmers from the taiga to the British seas. All I ask (given the characteristics of winter and the arrival of early spring) to increase the acreage who how many can on the 10% that at 25.

Here would be superfluous.

— But what is surprising, — says one of the Kaluga farmers. In late March, Russian President gathered all the businessmen who suffer losses from the pandemic. Told about measures of state support in these sectors, listened to wishes. Was everything: airlines, caterers, hotels, and even barbers beauty… was Not only the representatives of the peasantry, though we have a Union, AKKOR is called. On the one hand, we are urged in this spring to plant more and more often, on the other — do not give any promises of support, including the guarantees of the crop. I now write colleagues from Kostroma, Bryansk and other regions of Russia. Outraged: they say, call for the plant to grow. And if anything, throw everything in the trash.

My hero last fall have already passed it. In his household collected and sold 600 tonnes of potatoes. But 400 tons, which is also cultivated and harvested, frozen in piles.

— And what to do with the harvest, storage I have, he says. — But, as a rule, no one from our brother.

According to him, the Ministry of agriculture of the country, at least in the zone of the Central black earth region, there is still time to develop a strategy for the current sowing campaign. Each region set the task to pull the plan from which we refused in the transition to capitalism: what to grow and how much in each subject notnecessary to grow potatoes and vegetables. To bring these figures up to each farmer.

“If we all go to plant potatoes, and this is quite possible, then again in 2015, when there was massive overproduction and tubers in March and April was worth in the opt 2 rubles per kilogram. But we have loans, advances and debts — what is “profit” to repay them? Such attempts from the Department, we do not see”.

In the “MK” reports from small producers: before the government for sowing give them discounts and benefits. The idea is that what other discounts, for example, fuel can be in the current year? Oil, and so the floor. In Europe, gasoline, diesel oil for this reason worth a dime. We, of course, is another story. Whatever volatility has had oil, fuel is always more expensive. Well, okay, that’s another story.

Well, some companies willingly responded to the aspirations of the peasants. And took off the price of diesel fuel for agriculture until November… as much as 25 cents per liter! The total cost at the pump for 45 rubles.

How did Lenin and “formally correct, and in essence mockery”?!

■ ■ ■

On the website of the Ministry of agriculture reported that the acreage this year, compared with 2019, will be nearly a million hectares more. And that provide farmers with quality seeds to last year is 102,7%.

According to the report better, faster and more in comparison with good results 2019

Maybe it is, maybe certain apprehension because of the falling ruble exchange rate and soaring prices for fertilizer, spare parts for tractors completely unfounded.

economic uncertainty, the Finance Minister of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov has already said that come the new realities. Fat days are gone, and now we have more efficiently (you have to understand tighten the belt) to dispose of available resources. But the agricultural sector once again demonstrates its stability, and he does seem to not care.

Although on the same website reported that at the beginning of April, when the southern regions of the country have almost completed the sowing campaign, farmers received only 10.5% of funds from the state, which directed the Federal government on the spring field work.

Oh Well: large agricultural producers, agricultural holdings, own wedding, the farmers — their own. We believe in the word that the landlords of the day it’s all good — they have a government guaranteed purchase of the crop for the army, the emergencies Ministry, Regardie, finally, the creation of a strategic reserve in the bins homeland.

What to do about smallholders, working at your own risk? According to the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, the share of farmers in the production of agricultural products last year amounted to almost 14%. And in the cultivation of grain — the third part of the total. 180 thousand small farmers, provide citizens with the right product selection: buy “blue” milk which in agricultural holdings passed all the cages and have lost their properties or have a real drink from the cow.

If they are not needed and only a screen for the visible competition, let’s eliminate them as a class, leaving only the large state and collective farms. At the same time eliminate those 14% of food they give to the surface. Benefit from this the mass buyer?

And if the farmers, private farms (in the 90-ies, when the collapse of agriculture, they, and even “Bush’s legs” fed citizens) demand, relevant dialogue, the Council say Yes to love.

In the history of Russia has introduced ration cards during world crises.

■ ■ ■

When the ruble in late winter began its rapid decline, the domestic crossJane cheered. I remembered in 2014, a sharp devaluation of the national currency (from 30 rubles per dollar to 60) and dramatically increased the profit of the Russian peasants. Sanctions, trade wars, adopted a program of import substitution… Villagers gave a “green light” in the marketing of the harvest.

But now it is clear that this agricultural miracle and 2020 are not present. Rather the exact opposite.

Events in 2014 occurred in November and December, when farmers and farmers in the storage, and the money remained autumn stocks. Prices have shot up in line with the dollar, that turned a good profit.

the Current ruble is losing ground in the most that neither is a bad time — the day before planting. When last year’s inventory no — April is still in the court of the rings drops.

A start in terms of quarantine, coronavirus and of the ruble against the dollar has to be from scratch. A lot of different problems: seed stock, spare parts to agricultural machinery, fertilizers, means of protection of plants in one night has risen by 30 percent!

Few people think about the — why in Russia in recent years, such fat yields. Formally, it is considered that the Communists just fell apart the village, the money in households where “all around collective, all around me”, were buried in the sand. But came to earth the real boss we pulled, the export of agricultural products is even higher than arms. In the short term agricultural sector was one of the few in Russia that works on the external market.

But it is not so. In Soviet times, we basically did not use foreign potato seeds, carrots, cabbage, etc. Not borrowed in the production of advanced foreign technology. Like, with mustaches, we have our own way of development.

was the “iron curtain”, all doing domestic, not to depend on damned burzhuinov. After all, if tomorrow the war if tomorrow to hike the West we will block the vents, and we remain with nothing.

Let was inferior, but his own. From nuts to aerospaceOh rockets.

Today, the picture is reversed. In the years of perestroika and economic reforms, the reformers decided that than have to fuss, it is cheaper to flood selhoznauk the best foreign samples. In the same agriculture — combines, cultivators, seeds, just food.

Yes, grains, vegetables of open and closed ground, potatoes give an excellent crop, 100 percent germination rate (if maintained).

But Dutch, German and other overseas seeds.

Even the seed of elite bulls, which gives us a worthy offspring in Russia is imported from far-away America.

In December last year at the agricultural meeting, Valentina Matvienko gave a “dressing down” to domestic growers. Found out that the industry is almost 100% dependent on imported planting material. “Even parsley is grown on a foreign seed!” She called it a disaster and recommended that the Ministry of agriculture to develop an ambitious plan for the development of domestic seed production. As is clear, the task is not one day or one year.

Well, that’s what farmers will plant in the spring and do they have enough money for it? (Here we mean the monopolist, who, according to reports, in store 102.7% of elite seeds to last year.) Of course, someone had to stock up at old prices, when there was the oil crisis and the ruble has demonstrated an enviable stability. At the end of last year, he even was considered as the strongest currency among emerging market economies.

But the bulk of.

Settlements in the procurement of foreign and even domestic partners are pegged to the dollar. And the dependence on foreign colleagues strong. Sugar beets, which Russia exports for hard currency, fully nurtured on imported planting material. The situation is no better in other crops. Experts believe that the potato dependence is 40% carrots 50%, and cabbage by 60%.

One example. In the years of perestroika Finns buyeligibility for our very good-looking potato cultivar “Nevsky” and improved his quality up to superelite. (The breeding industry, we had already been ruined, sold everything.)

But now sell us our own potato seeds at unthinkable prices: 1-1,5 euros per kilo.

Our seed farms replicate it all over the country (too expensive), but every four years it is necessary to buy during this period he degenerates and does not bring the expected harvest.

so much for “the second bread”.

Planting material of carrot and beet is updated every year.

the Seed material, plant protection products, spare parts for seeders and winnowing, all will be purchasing from a peg to the dollar.

As they say, where is the money?!

Not enough machine — even the agricultural holdings. In recent years this burden on their shoulders shouldered migrant workers. Well in advance of the pandemic with a sense of accomplishment went to his native land, and now, because of the quarantine, can’t go back. About imported spare parts for foreign tractors and cultivators we have already said, can’t afford it.

What will eventually be prices for consumers, says nothing about this even in predictions of Vanga or Nostradamus, though they are predictions for all occasions.

Usually followed by a stamp prices will rise, but only slightly, by 10-15%. But they have so increased each year and without any coronavirus, with a stable exchange rate of the ruble!

Officials calm: they say, monitor prices, ensure that they are not wild. But even with these rigors, they stubbornly creeping up. Potatoes cost 17-18 rubles, today on “the collapse” and in tents about 40 RUB will Soon jump to 60 rubles. Salt was 7 rubles, was 13, of sugar, of which we have overproduction, increased from 22 to 30 rubles, buckwheat has risen from 24 to 40 rubles.

But the real record demonstrates onion: from 15 rubles, he jumped to 56-60! And take it, buy — it is believed that he, like garlic, fromall diseases, including infectious.

against this background, most likely the consumer market “shrink”, and the prices in the shops and markets will grow.

■ ■ ■

That could spur demand for food, increasing the purchasing power of the population? According to various polls, 63% of Russians have savings for a “rainy day” no. And the remaining 37% is — but that is called “the day stand, Yes night to hold on.”

In terms of General multi-week quarantine is hoped that the company will fulfill the President’s decree and will pay a salary of “over easy” — is simply not serious. Employers today declare it openly.

So the people in the mass will continue to slide into poverty.

Need at least one-time injections of funds to pensioners and the poor. As it has done in Hong Kong, USA and some other countries. And for parents, and for each child.

the Domestic Central Bank is silent. Say, cash population only will disperse inflation, but for what purpose they will be spent is still unknown.

But they can be transferred to card Bank transfer — only service in grocery stores. For any other purpose!

However, where we did not disappear? Maybe this logic and based on domestic officials?