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If in previous years the village has often suffered from the vagaries of the weather and the "zone of risky agriculture", today these two traditional evils was added another and perhaps the main pandemic and coronavirus and its implications.Despite the optimal sowing period and the vegetative period, authorities highly recommend to old and small to sit at home and not go out.But the cloth-self-Branca has not yet been invented!In these circumstances, domestic farmers will hold the seed that you sow and what you reap in the fall? The zone of risky agriculture (snowless winter and early spring, according to weather forecasts) has not been canceled...
Last days of the past winter may go down in history as the date of the beginning of the next global crisis. In fact, in the run-up to 2020, many world famous economists had predicted the world to a new financial meltdown. Only here the reasons were called different: someone is nodding to a trade war between America and China, some to global warming, someone- on sulking, in many markets, "bubbles", just about ready to burst. But came "black Swan" — so with the light hand of the famous American economist Nassim Taleb in the financial world it is accepted to name unexpected events, blowing up a systematic course of life. Our "black Swan" has a specific name — COVID-19.
Real incomes since the end of last year in our country, according to Rosstat began to grow. But neither the Rosstat is one with his eternal optimism presented economic statistics. And field studies of alternative income and spending news: the January average basket decreased by 10.9% or 67.5 rubles to 552 roubles, in comparison with December, found out research center "ROMIR". That is, we buy now for less and save more. But what is 67 rubles? A liter of milk, a packet of pasta, two loaves of bread, a kilo of oranges. So, something that is not in our bag every trip to the store. If you can't save on food, then we solve another season like old shoes, not to go to the movies, deny the child the new toy. And so in Russia the last five years. No studies are not "discover America". From conversations with family and friends we all know that all (well the vast majority!)it is worse, prices are rising, and not enough money. But the official statistics stubbornly insists the opposite, as if sculpted somewhere in a parallel reality.
Consumer prices in the Russian economy in the first few months of 2020, according to forecasts of the Bank of Russia will grow by about 2%.
Consumer prices in the Russian economy in the first few months of 2020, according to forecasts of the Bank of Russia will grow by about 2%.

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