possession of a Schengen visa does not guarantee the unhindered passage of tourists on the territory of European countries. Possible causes of non-admission of travelers, including Russian, in an interview with the Agency “Prime” revealed the lawyer Veronika Salnikova.

According to her, a stranger, for example, may face refusal at the border crossing. “The documents checked by border guards, security services and customs authorities, which can appear issues,” — said the expert.

In particular, speech can go about entering in the country in which was obtained a visa, on the discrepancy of the information in the passport database, the absence of a document confirming the purpose of the trip (reservation of accommodation, invitation from a relative or health facilities), infectious or viral illness, pregnancy, intoxication or the presence of a name of the citizen in the list of persons who are not recommended to visit the Schengen countries.

in addition, said Salnikov, the tourist should carefully consider the visa application process in order not to get rejected at the stage of its design: carefully examine requirements documents and test the relevance of the data, and take into account the rules of visiting certain States.

Russia is the world leader in obtaining Schengen visas. Over the past year, permits were issued more than four million Russian tourists. In Russia there are consulates of European countries that issue most visas the European: the mission of Finland in St. Petersburg, as well as Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Germany in Moscow.

on 2 July it became known that Albania has abolished visas for Russian tourists until the end of autumn. The rules would apply to Russians who have valid passports and are planning to make a tourist or private visit in the country for up to 90 days.