“Kommersant Style” explains why frequent sleep problems and what to do with it.Despite the fact that many of them now have an extra hour or two that previously went to the road to the office, sleep no more. Moreover, he became restless, cases of insomnia and there was such a thing as a “coronavirus dreams”.According to the analytical group, DSM Group, sales of antidepressants increased in the period from late February to early March by 11.5%. A similar situation exists in the United States. According to a recent report of pharmacy holding company Express Scripts, the use of medications for insomnia and anxiety and also antidepressants increased from February to March by 21%. The highest growth was observed in West Virginia, Kentucky, Vermont and new Hampshire.Coronavirus snaza April, Google has increased the number of requests why am i having weird dreams lately (“why do I see strange dreams”). This phenomenon interested in the sleep. For example, the first results of the research of Dr. Melinda Jackson and her team from the Institute of brain and mental health Turner at the Australian University show that some people with difficulty falling asleep and sleep less while others don’t get enough sleep, though sleeping much more, and also see colorful dreams. All the cases speak of course of the disorders associated with the main trigger of stress.Photo: Getty Madefree at least five research groups from institutions in different countries, which include France, Italy and the USA, are inclined to believe that dreams have become more intense due to the fact that experiences become more vivid. During REM sleep, accompanied by rapid eye movements (REM), the brain literally cleaned from the experienced a day of memories. Often in dreams you can see the transformed images and the events of the day. Somnology call it “transforming dreams” (dream incorporation).His research with a survey on Facebook also held a Harvard Professor Deirdre Barrett. Huge insects and close with a strange, not similar to the coronavirus symptoms most often become heroes in their dreams, among the scenarios of popular salvation and any kind of help.Digital hangover, the paradox of sleep and immunotherapies changes in the daily routine experienced by each. It is especially important to monitor the sleep mode, which plays a key role in maintaining immunity. Due to stress the immune system becomes more vulnerable to viral and some other infections. Because anxiety boosts cortisol levels, which controls immune response of the organism to inflammatory processes.Photo: Getty Madeto can be done? In an ideal world it is better to stay awake until 23:00: this time the active melatonin and continues for another three to four hours. If you can’t sleep, and the time��e after midnight, you can resort to meditation and breathing techniques 4-7-8. At the same time it will help to cope with anxiety. Psychotherapist Julie Hirst recommends the technique of the paradox of sleep: the need lying with open eyes to say “I’m not sleeping” — the brain is poorly understood negative commands, therefore, will take this manual to the contrary. In General, to force myself to not need sleep: go to bed when you really feel tired and sleepy.Now, during social distancing, we’re throwing a party at Zoom, chat nights on FaceTime with friends — and it’s better than reading the news before bedtime. It is known that the blue light of the screens of gadgets reduces the production of melatonin, which helps to fall asleep, 23%. The researchers even called it “digital hangover”. Ph. D., clinical psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor Janet Kennedy advises before bedtime to spend time with friends, but not surf the Internet and social networks, where you’ll definitely find something disturbing.As for alcohol, it has a sedative effect and even like a mild anesthesia followed by the release of adenosine. In low to moderate doses of alcohol promotes sleep, but in the morning you can feel tired because of the fragmentation of sleep: alcohol-containing drinks affect REM sleep, during which the body recovers.Photo: Getty Madeout itself, distracting rituals: air the bedroom (to sleep well at a temperature of 18 degrees), listen to music or a podcast, take a warm shower, make a mask. Eventually go to bed together and at the same time with your partner: a February study by the University of British Columbia in Canada showed that the smell of a loved one close improves sleep. Participated in testing people less tossing and turning and overall feel more rested.Correct and the same way for all does not exist, each of us will approach something. Quarantine is a forced and temporary measure, and all that is happening now, is unusual, but sooner or later things will get better.Daria Bogomolova