Immediately indicate that there is no relationship to the events in Syria or anywhere else, this decree has not. Military training of reservists is carried out every year, and this is no exception. By decision of the President, some of the officers and soldiers of the reserve assigned in case of war or other emergencies to military units and institutions, will temporarily cause the Armed forces, the national guard, the state protection and bodies of Federal security service. The duration of their stay in the military ranks shall agree with the Executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The exception will make only for test fees, whose duration will be determined in the defense Ministry.

All issues of organization and conduct of military training detailed in the special Provision. The document says that the appeal of citizens on military training is carried out by the military commissariats on the basis of decrees of the President of the Russian Federation. And their duration, the place and time of carrying out the Ministry of defence and other power departments where the law provides military service.

this Position severely restricts the duration of military training – they can’t exceed 2 months.. as for the total of time that persons over the entire period of your stay in the stock spends on the military training camp, here there is an “upper limit” is not more than one year.

the document defines the gradation of military training. They are divided up for training of assigned staff, and checking fees. First held in military units where reservists temporarily assigned to positions appropriate to their military occupational specialties.

These charges can be in the form of training sessions with the regular reservists. This is necessary to maintain military skills from people who signed with the Ministry of defense a contract of stay in the mobilization of human reserve. In addition, there are fees assigned staff related to the training of citizens in military professions and military posts or service materiel reserve stock.

as for the test fees, there is estimated the combat and mobilization readiness of military units and military commissariats. That is, their ability to perform their functions with the special period, during or in anticipation of war.

the Regulation on the conduct of military training said that the period for reservists saved the average salary at the main place of work. In addition, people will receive cash allowances and payments required to military contractors. Travel expenses Partizan paid by the state. And if the location of military training is over 3 thousand miles and more from home of the store, then to the temporary service it delivered to the plane.