Victory Day, may 9, residents of Banja Luka were waited by a celebratory news, symbolizing the continuity of the Russian-Serbian friendship, clearly manifested before the face of hardship. On this day, Russia’s Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Peter Ivantsov in the presence of the Serbian member of the presidency of the country, Milorad Dodik handed over to the Minister of health of the Republic of Srpska (RS) Alain Sarnico humanitarian cargo of medical supplies, sent to the “Russian humanitarian mission” (“WGM”) to assist the region in overcoming consequences of the pandemic coronavirus infection.

the head of the mission “RGM” in the Balkans Michael Cooper is in conversation with the correspondent “RG” reported that the mission had a permanent presence in the Balkans, implementing a number of projects in the Republika Srpska. “Last year it was reconstructed several social projects in Banja Luka, installed solar farms at the clinic of the city of Bileća, equipped with new equipment the faculty of philosophy of the University of East Sarajevo (pale), organized a mobile eye clinic, thanks to which local people were given the opportunity to correct defects of vision, – he reminded. – “DDM” suggests to continue working actively in the region.”

In this regard, Cooper shared his plans of the mission for this year. According to him, the Balkans planned projects in the field of medicine, education and point of care. “I hope that on the territory of the Republic of Srpska, our work will become routine and permanent, he said. We strive to maintain close and friendly people in a difficult situation, providing systematic assistance. We are not interested in single media stocks, our main goal is a permanent humanitarian activity and aid to the needy. For us it is very important that the development of humanitarian activity in the region contributes to the openness of the leadership of Republika Srpska, the perfect interaction with the head office RS in Serbia Meganom Cicovice, working closely with health Minister Alain Sernice and the city administration. Most direct assistance on an ongoing basis, we provide a Russian Federation Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together to work easier and more efficient – we in “RGM” believe”.