Reminiscent of a horror film

The journalist of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo has conducted a service with emergency physician Nerea Bueno and told how physicians work during a pandemic coronavirus infection.

Bueno works as a doctor since 2001 and she is now an anesthesiologist and a doctor of the emergency service in Valencia.

"In Valencia was a terrible catastrophe in the subway, there were other emergencies. But I’ve never seen anything like it. For now, we are faced with a danger that can destroy the system," she said.

The journalist described how the ambulance is preparing to leave on a suspected COVID-19. They all wear white overalls, which, as noted by the publication, reminiscent of the uniform of those who wanted to take the alien boy from the house of Elliot in Steven Spielberg’s film "alien".

Bueno takes ten minutes to be ready to work: it inserts the arms of the stethoscope in the left, wears a lycra bandage on your head and special glasses. Also, the doctor is required respiratory protection and surgical masks. On top she wears a protective transparent mask covers the entire face. After that, the doctor wears gloves, a helmet, white jumpsuit and Shoe covers.

According to her, in this outfit, very hot, glasses misted and almost unheard of.

"Complete isolation <…> Mask pressure on face. Remain scabs, scars, as a reminder of the war," explained Bueno.

the condition of the patient with suspected COVID-19, to which the brigade arrived, the critical level of oxygen in the blood low.

An elderly man, as noted, refused hospitalization. The doctor warned the family that he may not survive, and helped to ease the pain of the old man.

On the street all the instruments used are disinfected and personal protective equipment — removed. Thus, as specifies the edition, physicians stand in the garbage bags there and take off their protection: it will destroy the containers for biological waste. Sometimes the firemen come and purify their water with bleach.

"Resembles a horror movie about zombies" Bueno said, noting that people are afraid of the virus, and doctors and hospitals.

The anesthesiologist admitted that he is worried about colleagues and family because they can get infected. She also worried that she and her former husband, also a physician, can be isolated — they have no one to leave the kids. In addition, it is concerned that in the last days is not enough protection.

According to the doctor, per day of work in the hospital three times she took a shower. In addition, Bueno said that the police, firefighters, nurses, janitors and support staff come together: they all care about each other.

"I continue to believe in his case, I feel like a warrior and continues to fight every day. Let’s go through the night until the sun doesn’t Shine", — concluded the doctor.

Pandemic coronavirus infection has captured almost all countries of the world. According to the latest figures in the world recorded more than two million cases, nearly 140 thousand people died.