The Finance Ministry has proposed to restrict the participation of civil servants in management “daughters” state companies, state corporations and public-law companies. The opportunity to participate in management on a Pro Bono basis officials have a 2020, but did not provide barriers. Now officials will be obliged to inform about possible affiliation with the shareholders and counterparties of the state-controlled assets. Previous attempts to do this failed due to the lack of data on the relationship of potential corrupt, but the digitization of data on the OCS should solve the issue.The Finance Ministry has drafted requirements for Federal officials to limit their participation in the management of commercial organizations, more than half belong to state-owned companies, state-owned corporations and public-law companies, published on the draft resolution of the government.As the authors point out in the explanatory Memorandum, a document prepared for the implementation of norms adopted in December 2019 parliamentary amendments to the anti-corruption legislation. We will remind, the authorities also strengthened the responsibility of civil servants for such violations, the deletion of the six-month period for bringing them to responsibility periods of disability, vacation and production in criminal cases.The project of the Ministry of Finance, the official may not be elected in the management bodies of the company in case he or his close relatives (parents, spouse, children, brothers and sisters, and close relatives of spouse) directly or indirectly own shares in the organization, or if he or his family owns in excess of 25% of the share capital of the company from the counterparty. The second barrier will be the participation of the relatives in control of parent or subsidiary companies or the companies-contractors.In the event of such circumstances, the official must independently within five days notify the representatives of the parent company for termination of office. However, as explained partner “paper bags, Kolotilov and partners”, they are already covered in the law on civil service and criminal and administrative legislation.We will remind, fight of the White house with nepotism began in 2010-ies (e.g., see “Kommersant” on 01.11.2013, 25.03.2014, 20.10.2015), but faced with the impossibility of any efficient verification of declarations of affiliation due to the lack of centralized data on the relationships between citizens. Finally to solve this problem needs the digitalization of vital registration systems and the establishment of a register of citizens (holder of his recall, is on).Diana Galieva, Oleg Boots