Controlled by “Rostec” airline Red Wings will use the Russian SSJ100 aircraft. The first five cars, according to “Kommersant”, can be received before the end of 2020. Only the carrier it is planned to transfer 60 16 future SSJ100 and MS-21. Airbus A320/321, which is now the Red Wings will remain in the Park. Kommersant’s sources believe that the company could go on the SSJ100 for receiving the state guarantees of survival in a crisis.The Red Wings airline will receive 60 16 SSJ100 and MS-21 aircraft (manufactured by the United aircraft Corporation, part of rostec), has declared in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov. Previously it was known that the company will use the new medium-haul aircraft MS-21 after the start of serial production. Still SSJ100 RedWings are not exploited.Today in the company’s fleet of four Airbus A320 aircraft and ten Airbus A321. Kommersant’s source in the Red Wings said that the permission to work with Airbus has been received with the expectation that the carrier will roll out the areas that will later fly the MS-21. It is assumed that the first MS-21 will be reached in the years 2022-2023. The Airbus will remain in the Park of the carrier, since in conditions of General decline in the market “give them to no one”.Today the largest operator of the SSJ100 aircraft in Russia – “Aeroflot”, which is 54 cars. Given the fall in passenger numbers because of the pandemic coronavirus much of the ship is idle. “B” requested comments “Rostec” and producing aircraft of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC).Kommersant’s sources in the airline industry say that a year ago, the Red Wings had no plans to use the SSJ100. “Today, nobody understands how fall in passenger traffic after the abolition of restrictions on movement. No one knows how the revenue rate will fall. And no one knows how many airlines will stay on the market a year later. Apparently, the Red Wings really wants to survive”— believes a source “” in one of the Russian airlines.The question of which areas the Red Wings will put Russian aircraft, considering that the passenger traffic in the foreseeable future will be substantially lower than in 2019, remains open, especially given the continuing claims to the efficiency of the aircraft.The government acknowledged the problems SSJ: Yuri Borisov stressed that “reputational risks incurred with improper repair and maintenance of aircraft, including the Sukhoi Superjet 100, at a certain stage of “Aeroflot” is unacceptable.” The SSJ100 obtained the market reputation of a capricious machine due to frequent failures, mostly related to engines. The repair and maintenance of aircraft was delayed due to shortages of components, which its average flight in the day was significantly lower than the Western cars.”At the same time, the company will have certain preferences, which I said, is subsidizing the lease payments, subsidizing the cost of operation per flight hour, subsidizing the cost of tickets to the far East and Siberia”,— he stressed, adding that it is in these regions will be used the Russian planes.The Executive Director of the Agency “Airport” Oleg Panteleev believes that short-haul SSJ100 (can accommodate 100 passengers, then “as the Airbus A320/321 — 180-220) in the fall of passenger traffic can be more efficient medium-haul Airliners. “Costs in the operation more easy and consume less fuel aircraft — below. But in order to realize this advantage, the intensity of exploitation of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 should be close to the performance of medium-haul aircraft on a comparable route network, which in itself is not a trivial task,”— said the expert.Mister Panteleev added that the massive growth of the Park will create a Red Wings several issues, including the training of pilots and search providers maintenance of Russian aircraft. According to him, the Red Wings airline will receive the aircraft, which was returned by previous operators is either not delivered to customers. “Until now, most large-scale measures to support the leasing spread on new SSJ100. Lease payment for the new aircraft was the airline is only 15-20% higher than three to five years. Because of this, the remarketing of the aircraft was virtually impossible. Taken today, new measures of state support to change the situation,” he said.Herman Kostryns’ka