the Document for the heads of state and municipal educational institutions of higher education and their deputies.

currently, the maximum allowable age of 65, and the possibility of extending for another five years determined by the founder of the University. Under the new bill, the age limit is increased to 70 years, without extension.

Prescribes the rule that the same person can not replace the position of head of the same state or municipal scientific organizations more than three five-year terms.

the New rules should enter into force on 1 July 2020. While organizations after that date have 30 days to align with the Labour code and its regulations.

as for the leaders of the Moscow and St. Petersburg state universities, their activities are regulated by a separate law. Provided that the term of their tenure at the age of seventy years may be renewed.

Deputies also passed in the second and third readings of a government draft law that delineates the powers of presidents and rectors of universities. Now they are set by each University individually, in this connection, note the authors in this issue have not been consistent.