Many Russians used to celebrate 9 may to the music of Leo Leshchenko. Every year he went out this day on Red square and other Central areas of the city to sing military songs. At this time, Leshchenko said at the scene of a double celebration – not only of national but of your personal – victory over the coronavirus. However, in connection with the epidemiological situation scene this year has been very specific – she was a metro station “Revolution Square”.

the Place was not chosen randomly: it “scenery” for the perfect atmosphere for the event in honor of may 9. The concert was announced yesterday.

of Course, the traditional scale, which are famous for holiday concerts, it was not. Lev Leschenko has missed just 16 minutes. First played the song “Favorite city” from the repertoire of Mark Bernes.

online concert Leshchenko was not, of course, and without netlenki “I love you, life”. She, incidentally, is quite a difficult fate.

Bernes saw in a newspaper some poems of Konstantin Vanshenkin, which since then has not left him alone. Then he invited several of their friends-composers to write music for them, but with one criteria: if it doesn’t like the final version, they will not publish it or offer to other artists (obviously, Bernes was a difficult character). In the end, mark rejected 7 or 8 options, and by the way, the first version of Edward Kolmanovsky, who eventually became a composer.

Kolmanovsky first very upset with the harsh sentence, but began to continue the search and eventually was even grateful to Bernes for the first “not it!”

Song after the legendary singer was picked up by other artists – Georg OTS, Dmitry Gnatyuk, Arthur Eisen, Yuri Gulyaev, Edita, but today the majority of it sounds the voice of Leo valeryanovich. In the subway he sang, dressed in a stylish suit with a red handkerchief, and the song “Moscow – my beautiful!”, the execution of which was accompanied by a video with views of the city – parks, promenades, squares. The whole concert was mounted then on the video, it also used footage from the Chronicles of the great Patriotic War and the entry of the famous radio addresses about the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces. “Victory day” was performed towards the end, and in the final the audience saw on the screen the fireworks.

for the First time the artist made his new song – “the Loyal subjects of the red cross” dedicated to the doctors who saved his wife from the coronavirus, and continue to fight for the health and the lives of others during a pandemic of a new disease.

it So happened that a woman was (according to official information) the first public person who was diagnosed COVID-19. This happened back in late March.

First was revealed symptoms of bilateral pneumonia, with which Lev Leschenko has with his wife was hospitalized in Kommunarka. The test for the coronavirus has not been confirmed. Subsequently, the singer has denied the information that in the hospital, he was placed on special conditions, told me that there were no ventilation – only “repeatedly asked for an oxygen mask”, and even managed to record during treatment, a video for the song “Hope” out of the chamber.

in early April with his wife, was discharged, and in the middle of last month Leshchenko said that he is in great health. And now the artist gives concerts now, alas, a small and remote is all that can be done in terms of quarantine.