Rare shellfish blue dragons emerged on the coast national beach Padre island in the U.S. state of Texas. This publication reports The Independent.

visitors to the beach noticed the blue dragons and published photos of unique creatures in social networks. Blue dragons — a kind of shellfish is very small. Usually they reach only three inches.

the Sea creatures are a bright blue color due to the fact that feed on jellyfish — Portuguese war ships and pochitali — animals similar to jellyfish.

the Blue dragons can concentrate the stinging cells of their prey in the “fingers” and use them independently. At the same time, they can sting even more than Portuguese military ship.

One of found them on the beach was seven year old hunter lane (Hunter Lane) from the city of Mesa, Arizona, whose family was vacationing in this place. “Hunter loves sea creatures and at first thought that found porpita,” said the father of hunter Trey lane (Trey Lane).

the Mother of hunter Leah lane (Lane Leah) said that the family found four blue dragons in one day, but luckily no one was hurt. “Hunter really wanted to touch them. I don’t blame him, I did too: they look very soft. But we decided that because they do not know what it is, it is better not to touch,” she said.

a Park spokesman Jamie Kennedy (Jamie Kennedy) said that the appearance of blue dragons on this side increased.

Earlier it was reported that in new York, USA, on the coast washed mysterious creature. He has a long tail covered with spikes that resemble teeth and are located throughout the body are small round growths.