For several weeks, Mr output to increasing restrictions and no-Contact orders. This also applies for visits to the hairdresser and the funniest hairstyles can be created. Because: How many other men also, the celebs take to the scissors, hair cutter and shaver. (Also read: are these the best men’s hairstyles for 2020)

while the Hollywood actors and singers are not bad at all. Skillfully, the shaver is set and, after a few minutes, the perfect short hair cut is finished. Perfect? Not always! Because for the finishing touches on celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo and singer Maluma need spend the help of their family members, with the quarantine in your own four walls.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 not taken at the time of his forced break, too bad. Since 2019, the Juve-Kicker lives with his family in the Italian city of Turin set in a spacious Villa. On the domestic terrace Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez the handle to the shaver and missed the multiple world player of the year a new short hair cut. The striker seems to have the utmost confidence in his partner, he stretched forth but during the DIY a hair appointment, both thumbs up. The short Clip, he commented with the words: “stay home and stylish.”

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Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

The son of actor-legend, Daniel Day-Lewis joined a business in the footsteps of his father. And even otherwise, the two seem to have a close relationship, leaving Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis his dad, however, while the Corona-quarantine his hair cut. Even with the Undercut. A second leg to stand on as a hairdresser is nothing of the Hollywood icon in the way. (Also interesting: A hairstyle like Brad Pitt? Be So iconic in Hollywood is styled to Look)

Bruce Willis

Not since this Clip, we know that Bruce Willis is the coolest guy on earth. But now it is clear: He is also a really good hairdresser. Can be he proved to daughter Tallulah, who is now a rasp of short hairs.


The Colombian Reggaeton singer Maluma tried, the hair, even shave their head – until his mother could no longer stand by and watch and the thing in the Hand took.

Casey Cott

The “Riverdale”Star Casey Cott and his actor-brother Corey shaved each other’s heads – and their Fans on Instagram live to be a part of. As a result, the two asked their Followers to donate to charity. In this way, the equivalent of well-15.500 euros came together so far. Because the new hair has been cut twice worth it.

Joshua Kushner

The US businessman left his wife, Model Karlie Kloss, to the hair cutting machine and seemed to be still not so sure whether the result will also be satisfactory. Unfortunately, the result remains for Fans and Followers in on a secret.

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