Putin Russia will continue cooperation with other countries in the fight against COVID 19

“We’re in China, when our friends had a hard time in February, sent 2 million masks, – has reminded the head of state. – Now from China we have already received to date, through various channels of 150 million masks”.

Continue contacts with the European countries. “A well-known practical cooperation with some partners in Italy. We in this country sent their military doctors, sent the equipment back, as we know, civil agencies, through the health Ministry”, – said Putin. “But it’s not just a one-sided game, it’s not a one-way street: we buy in Italy, pressure sensors, without which it is impossible to manufacture devices of artificial ventilation of lungs. And this cooperation is growing,” he said.

we continue to cooperate with the United States, which Russia has also sent equipment and means of dealing with COVID-19. “The next day after he landed in new York, our military-transport aircraft, we have contracted with American partners to supply sensors air flow is also necessary for the production of a ventilator in Russia”, – said Vladimir Putin.

“This cooperation will continue to develop, I’m sure,” he concluded.