Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized officials who are not in full provided the doctors of the April payments for combating coronavirus.

— Listen to me, listen carefully! We agreed, and it was clearly stated that the money needs to be issued for work with coronavirus patients, not something hours or minutes, the President said during the meeting at the opening of the centres CoViD-19.

Putin – on payments to physicians: I call specific numbers for working with coronavirus patients. For a fact work. No, spread around this bureaucratic rigmarole! To believe there is something started, watch some! I instructed a watch to count or what? I hope today everything will be done

Putin stressed that was called the specific numbers and timing of payments for work with patients with CoViD-19, not hours. The time spent by doctors with patients, no one was instructed to consider, and officials “spread the bureaucratic rigmarole,” said the President.

the Head of state noted that in early next week the results will be summarized for all subjects of the Federation and planned substantive discussion of the execution of the corresponding order in the regions.

Earlier, the Russian leader has already mentioned the problems with payments to physicians provision of funds and instructed to rectify the situation by may 15. Putin assured that “personally check” the state of Affairs in the regions.